Sunday, March 24, 2013


The 2013 Magical Journal Journeys begin. I just finished my pages in Tammy's journal and will send it on it's journey to Stephanie. Tammy chose 3 colors, black, tan and white. I truly enjoyed this challenge of working mainly with just 3 colors. I have to admit getting started was also a challenge. Winter seems to be hanging around a little longer and the cloudy days and cold weather has made me a bit of  a couch clinger... I prefer that over "couch potato", but what heck..  Once I got started I think the dreary days actually inspired me as I looked outside and saw bits of Spring peeking out everywhere.


This is the first page I completed and also the first page in Tammy's journal. I cut the page shorter so that the wings would extend over onto the second page.

 This is the back of the first page. I did a lot of sewing on these pages which I love to do since it gives the pages added dimension and texture.

 The big flower is the second page and the "Finding Beauty" is a cardboard page that I worked on it separately and then sewed it onto the second page creating another page onto the second page. This makes the two pages look like a lot of pull out pages and makes more room for added artwork.

 This is the back of the added cardboard page and the other side of the second page to 
"Finding Beauty... in The Darkness".

Tammy make this cute pocket with blank cards for us to leave our mark and a note. 
I got carried away with mine when I was painting it and it ended up on my card board page!

 I made my own tag and added a note to the back of it.
Thank you Tammy for letting me "play" in your journal today.


So, my dreary days were actually inspirational, I never know where I am going to find it. Now, I am on my way to the Post Office in the morning and in a week or so, another journal will come to my door with a new color or color combo inspiration. 

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Monday, March 11, 2013


Inspiration Avenue had a  TAG SWAP  2013 in FEBRUARY. Each person who participated made three tags and sent them to three different people. Below are the three beautiful and unique tags that I received.

                                                       Tag one from Bambi Doe Blake


                                               Katja Bruns from Germany

Each tag was beautifully crafted and such a treat to receive.
Thank you to all of the above, it was a thrill to receive your tag.
Another confirmation that good things still do come in the mail.
Be sure to check out Inspiration Avenue to see more creative tags!




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