Saturday, April 20, 2013


 Lisa Wright's journal made it's way to my mail box this month.
 This is the second journal for this year's Magical Journal Journeys. There are 9 of us and each person has chosen a color or color combo for their journal in which all artwork must be dominant in that color or colors. Lisa's journal is RUST. I knew I would love working in RUST since I love old and vintage and rusty metals and FALL is my favorite time of year, a great season of inspiration for Rust.

 I was excited to see the inside of Lisa's journal since I also planned to use a butterfly on one of my pages for her.

My inspiration for this journal began with this brass butterfly that one of my sweet Etsy teamies sent to me knowing that I would incorporate it in some way in my artwork. When I found out that Lisa's journal was RUST, I knew that I had to use this butterfly. It was just a shiny brass butterfly when I received it. I added watch pieces and paint and various found objects. I wanted to work on the butterfly first so that I could take a picture of it to use on one of my journal pages. I am pretty happy with how it turned out, although my picture did not turn out as well of the butterfly itself, but it still worked well with the collage.

Lisa left her pages unbound so that we could take a page and lay it flat making it easier to work with. I followed Tammy's lead who was the first to do pages in Lisa's book. We each do two pages. Like Tammy, I did the front two pages and then turned them over and did the back side as well. It is two pages, back and front or 4 depending on how you look at it. My original plan was to sew on the pages so I did not want to mess up the back sides for someone else. However, I never know how my date with the sewing machine is going to pan out. I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination and I am always pleased that any attempt I make with the sewing machine that works, it a great day. I love the results of sewing on my art so much that I am willing to brave the "evil one" any chance I get. However, today with my sewing began with a disaster that ended quite the opposite. I quickly realized that all the pages I wanted to stitch did not have to be stitched and maybe I just needed to go a different direction. This time I think I made the right choice.

     She took comfort in the colors of her Iron Butterfly

Lisa is the girl with a pen and a paintbrush. She is a writer, an artist and a dreamer of DREAMS. I wanted to incorporate pages not only unique to the color she chose, but to also honor her as a writer. So I wrote a little short story about an artist and writer named LISA and her Magic Seeds. On one of the inserted pages with the story I added one of my grandmother's bookmarks. I often think how proud she would be to know that I love making book tags as much as she did. My grand father would take her every Sunday on drives in the countryside and he would pull over every time she yelled "stop", just so she could get out and pick some wild flowers. She would take these flowers home and press them in books and then later make bookmarks with them. I have cigar box full of these, most are all faded and "rusted" so to speak, but they still have a quality that I find beautiful about them. I guess that's how I feel about Rusty things too..
I thought one of these bookmarks would go well with the story I wrote for Lisa.

I did sew some material onto the front page and a couple tags, but I decided not to chance the pages since my machine was bucking me each time I used it. This is when I can always count on WASHI TAPE.  Washi Tape is my friend. I was able to to add the additional pages to the front side with the washi tape and in my opinion it actually gave it a better look than the stitching would have.

My first page I did a mixed media collage and I decided not to do  a lot of the rest of the pages because I found that the RUST Colors alone were just so beautiful that they stood on their own.

Lisa's journal is beautiful in all it's rust. She did some fun collage work in the back and I love that she create this little hidden box in the back of her book. 

 As I send this journal off now to Stephanie, I will be very excited to see the entire finished journal in all of it's RUSTY BEAUTY when we share our finished journals at the end of this year's journey.

 Thank you for  sharing in Lisa's journal pages with me.
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