Monday, May 27, 2013


The color white affects the mind and body by aiding in mental clarity, promoting feelings of fresh beginnings and renewal, assisting in cleansing, clearing obstacles and clutter, and encouraging the purification of thoughts and actions.

WHITE is the color that Angie chose for her journal. I love how she left the pages open so they could be removed by each artist making it easier to work in her journal and lay the pages flat.

Nine friends and artists from the Magical Journal Journeys will complete 2 pages in her journal using this color with bits and splashes of other colors if desired. I have to admit that white so far has been the most challenging color for me. Yet I am glad that Angie chose it, because it took me out of my comfort zone. It was literally like being forced to use my  left hand with my right hand tied and wanting to use color. 

Each artist chose a color or color combation and each journal will be filled with pages in the color or colors they chose.

Color themed journals make beautiful books and they are so inspiring to see the pages that each artist created and how each chosen color inspired them.

Below are the pages that I created for Angie including a bookmark. I added small page additions to one of the pages. I also added a vintage skeleton key that I painted and tied it to the book mark. I love old vintage keys and I imagine the doors that they might have opened. I have added a vintage key to each journal in some way and I like to think that these keys are representing doors of inspiration and connected pathways to our friendships.
Angie's Journal is beautiful and all the pages and shades of white are going to make one magnificent , beautiful , amazing journal.

                                      The writing on the heart says: "Live your     Purposed Life"

                         I added an accordion note on the back side to Angie and tied it with a string

     Smaller pages I added to one of the larger pages. I found and used a child's vintage spelling card that   said " WHITE" on one side and "SOMETHING WHITE" on the other side.

 For YOU, Angie, whose color of WHITE inspired me to think deeper, look closer, see beyond and expand my imagination beyond limits of what is comfortable to me. XO 

Thank you for visiting and sharing in our Journal Journey's. You can see more pages of all the journals completed so far by longing on to our Pinterest board "The Magical Journal Journey's" 

See you Soon!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good Morning all my beautiful friends and kindred spirits! 
Every time I open my blog and look at my sidebar, I see all these things I need to do. So today, I felt led to leave this note on my blog.

If you don’t see your shop, your name or any mention of you on my blog anywhere here, PLEASE don’t be offended.

It is not because I don’t LOVE you. Lord knows if I visited your site and we are friends or I am following you, then you KNOW I LOVE YOU because I don’t say anything I don’t mean. Well, only occasionally, and then I do a fair amount of apologizing. My point being that I need to do a little housekeeping and updating on my side bar, add some things, remove some things and do a little prissing up. 
Up until this point I have thoroughly been enjoying the “ME” time people always wish for you and tell you how important it is to do that for yourself, and few of us ever do it. Well, I am here to tell you, those people are right! Genius in fact! Yep, it can be done. I tried it, I like it, and I am growing pretty accustomed to it. In fact, I am getting down right lazy!  This has been pretty nice for a change. As a woman who wears many hats, you all know this, you can get stuck in a routine and mind set of  "going, going, hurry, hurry" all the time. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks unless you give them a treat now and then!  So I have been "treating" myself pretty well lately.  I have been working on journals and spending well needed studio time.
Very soon I will be getting back to all my neglected friends, blogs, and all the stuff I dearly LOVE and that includes YOU 

And you know, spending more time with “ME” and getting re-acquainted with what makes "ME" HAPPY , has not permanently damaged anyone that I know of.  So if you need some “ME” time, and everyone does, don't think of it as a gift to yourself, think of it as a necessity of life I assure you that you will wake up happier, more inspired and with a new outlook on it ALL! ….Because we all want it all right?… so take your name off the bottom of the list and move it to the top! 

Sometimes you just have to LEAP… and build your WINGS on the way down!

Monday, May 13, 2013


In March we started our art journal swap again. This time it was based on chosen colour themes for each individual journal. Each artist chose their colour or colour combination for their journal and two pages are to be completed in each journal using the colour or colour combo chosen by the artist.

Today, I completed my second journal pages belonging to artist and friend Katina Wright. She lives in beautiful Cornwall in the UK. Kat made the most fabulous "journal box". Enclosed were unbound individual pages for each artist including a tag, making it easy peasy to lay work flat. Kat chose the colors Teal, Magenta and Silver, beautiful complimenting colors. There was so much work put into this beautiful box, that you really should see it from The Beginning where Kat shows how she constructed it and all the beautiful stitching that went into it.

             (The magenta color looks red here, but it is really more magenta in person)

Keeping in mind Kat's colors, I also tried to make my pages personal to Kat. Kat makes fabulous Mandalas, so I added a little bit of Mandala love. I also love the texture that card board gives, so adding that when it fits is always fun for me. I also incorporated a few other inspirations of Kat's like butterflies and water. 


The first two pages or the full page that I created was a mixed media collage of Magenta and Teal and Butterflies.
I was really happy that silver was one of her colors because I had been saving a shiny silver freshness bag that crackers were sealed in, inside the cracker box just for Kat's silver color. It almost made my circles look like mirrors.   

The Dream page I did was based on a Free Spirit Spotlight interview in which Kat was the featured artist.
She talked about a time in her life when she had not fully embraced herself as the creative artist she is today.
(Who by the way just oozes with talent in so many forms).  I started with a collage first on the entire page and then painted over it so the collage background would come through. The original base collage for this page, I printed and used it for the back side. 


This is also being submitted to Inspirational Avenue's weekly challenge hosted by another Kim!

To the tag, I added an original vintage skeleton key that I painted in the colour Teal to symbolize all the doors that will be opened to Kat because in her own words, "With Imagination, everything is Possible".

Last but not least, Kat included a two page booklet for each artist to sign along the way describing how color affects or inspires them.
I had such an amazing time working on Kat's pages and I totally lost myself in her color theme of Teal, Magenta and Silver

When Kat's Journal box returns to her at the end of this year's Magical Journal Journey's , she will have the most gorgeous treasure box to be cherished for sure. 

Tuesday, this Magical Journal box will be on it's way to Stephanie who comes after me in the swap. I am including a special prezzi  for her that she can use after she returns from her trip to PARIS, Yes, PARIS, as in France, not 
Arkansas! :)

I hope you will come again soon and see what colour journal I will be creating in next!