Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is a new mail art package label that I just made for my Etsy shop. This one is also for the Challenge over at Inspiration Avenue this week.
                                                              Adhesive Package Label

 I began making mail art labels just for my own packages that were mailed to customers that purchased from my shop. It is always a thrill when someone purchases something that you made. I always take great care in packaging well, but the icing on the cake for me is the decorating the package to mail. My customers were so happy with their packages, I began to get requests for my labels.
Now I sell mail art package labels in my Etsy shop so that other people can enjoy decorating their packages as well. It is a lot like sending smiles. Even the post office loves to mail my packages, they say it brightens their day! 

When Inspiration Avenue posted this challenge, I knew I had to take the plunge. I love birds and I didn't realize until I began picking some of my labels to post how many actually had birds in them!

There are so many ways to express yourself and explore your creativity with mail art. Who wouldn't love to get a letter or package that shows them how special they are to you!

Last week I received an email from Featuring Magazine (a new magazine I love and highly recommend) , one of my envelope mail art pieces will be featured in their next issue #4. You can read more about Featuring Magazine by clicking on their magazine on my sidebar.

Thank you Inspiration Avenue for inspiring me to enter your challenge and to post my mail art here. I hope my package labels and mail art will inspire you to try some of your own. If not, then visit my Etsy shop where you can view more labels and take advantage of a special offer on them.

Thank you for stopping by today, have you checked your mail?


  1. Love your cards and labels. All very creative. Lots of fun.:)

  2. These are wonderful. You are multi talented. LOVE your work/play.

  3. I just love love love your package labels! They are every bit as special as what's packed in the box. Congratulations on having your pieces in "Featuring" mag!! That's awesome ~let us know when it comes out!

  4. What absolutely beautiful package labels and what a clever idea. I like them all, but if I had to choose, the first and second are quite special.

  5. Your entire blog brightens my day; thanks! It's pure joy and happiness to visit here; you cannot imagine the great gift you give me each time I visit. God bless you, Kim!

  6. Happy, happy, joy, joy!
    Your art is just bursting with happiness!
    I can't stand how much I love it :D

  7. Well done on getting published next month - even more people will now get to share in your wonderful artistry!

    These pages are so beautiful. Your bold and vibrant designs are stunning.

    1. Thank You Kat! So happy you are feeling better!!!

  8. These are fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing. I've decorated a few envelopes but nothing this magnificent - I can see why people want to buy them:)


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