Monday, July 22, 2013


My Beach dream didn't work out for vacation this summer, so maybe next summer. Right now, I am just extremely grateful for air conditioning. Although, I do have to admit I was just a little pouty about it, but after I finished the three journals I had been working on, it was such a relaxing day!!! I decided that a week's vacation at home in my studio doing what I love is NOT a bad vacation!
I am pretty excited about it since I rarely have an entire week of uninterrupted studio time. A few detours along the way...tomorrow we are going to take in the new movie "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock and then head to Red Lobster. I may even come home and stick my feet in the wading pool and Dream a little! :)

Here are the three new Art Journals I completed today... total relaxation!!

                                                     DANCE IN THE MOONLIGHT
                                (Front side (Inside pages are blank)

 "Hold Fast to your Dreams, for if a Dream dies, Life is a broken winged bird that can not fly"


                     JOURNEYS and DREAMS..THE DANCE OF LIFE

 "The Miracle of our Dreams lie beneath our foot each and every tiny step we take is a journey to the stars".

I also plan to work on some more new Mail Art Address Labels. Here are the most recent ones I completed.

                       8 1/2"  x 10 1/2 " adhesive package labels

Today I received the package I was anxiously awaiting. It is my monthly art journal. I have been participating in a round robin of sorts with 8 amazing women and artists, counting me there are 9 total. Each person made their art journal and chose a color or a combo of colors and each person must use that color or colors to work in that individual's journal. We have named our group, the Magical Journal Journeys. This is our second year. The journey this year has been truly amazing and the journals are just spectacular. It has been a challenge to stick to a few colors. You can follow our journal pages on Pinterest. and click on Magical Journal Journeys.

Stay tuned for Lisa Priti's Journal, I will be back here to post it the end of the week.
Until then... I am out of here, I 'm on Vacation!



  1. YES a week of uninterrupted studio time creating would be a vacation. Your work is fantastic. I am interested in learning how to tie the journals together & will look for a tutorial. Enjoy your vacation.

  2. I agree, a week of uninterrupted art sounds like a perfect way to spend a holiday!

    Your journals are amazing Kim, loving the 3d elements. I have your red one in my art room at the moment, really enjoying creating with my favourite colour! x

  3. oh my Kim your journals are complete joy and wonderment! how i love your style and all the love that you infuse into everything your create!


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