Monday, September 9, 2013


It seems that even with my mouth shut, I still have a lot to say - I started making pages for Gemma's journal as the inspiration guided me and I ended up with a few more than two, but it is almost the end of the road.. so I hope Gemma won't mind. I hate to see this year's journey end.

These journal pages are for Gemma. Gemma chose the color purple for the dominant color in her journal. I worked on Gemma's pages outside her journal just because they were easier to move around and I am quite messy. My pages turned out larger than the original pages in Gemma's journal. I had no immediate idea of how I was going to add them. That's what I love about art journals.. challenges, imperfections and washi tape!

"If you don't know where to start, start at the back". That actually worked out pretty well for me. Most of the time, where I end up is completely off the path of where I started. I love it when a good plan falls apart and possibilities take over.

Gemma had some pressed flower petals in her journal ..... a sure sign of a kindred spirit...

Her welcome page in front said " Take a Magical Voyage dare, go here"!, So I did and along the way, I incorporated a cardboard insert and stopped for a spot of Tea along my voyage.

This is the beginning of my pages at the back of the book.

                                            Gemma's House


Looking down only makes you see how far you can fall... Gemma's
NEVER look down, they prefer to FLY ~

The fold out house are two sided and fold out both ways!

                     Behind the fold out houses, I added this quote:

                                                   " Sit, be still and listen...
                                  because you are drunk and 
                                   we're at the End of the Roof "  

                                   The next two pages


Gemma's don't cry over spilled milk or a little rain, .. instead they pull up their boot straps, get back on their horse and can be heard yelling.."YE HAW - LET'S RIDE" !

                                             Stopping for Tea along the Voyage
                                         (Cardboard insert)

Back side of the cardboard insert

                                    A folded note to Gemma 

 Relaxing along the journey with a glass of wine and a note to Gemma

Adjacent page

"She knew things no one had told her"

Discover Your Gemma

Last two pages and the back of the book!

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

My Tag for Gemma

Thank you for stopping by and remember .... 
If you look up... you can see Gemma's House!

XO Kim

Monday, September 2, 2013


"Painted ladies" is a term in American architecture used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish their architectual details. 

Many days I am a "Painted Lady" myself as I am commonly covered in three or more colors. Today I am posting what I like to call, my "Painted Ladies". I coined this term for the vintage water color tins that I pick up and collect whenever I see them or can find one. I don't care that the colors are not all there or that the paint is all dried out. I love that each tin was once owned and held by an artist or perhaps an aspiring artist, but none the less, they are all irresistible to me.

I saw my first altered watercolor paint tin in Stampington's magazine, Somerset Studio years ago and I never forgot it. I was in love. Three years ago, I came across a few vintage watercolor tins in a sale and purchased them. They sat in my studio and I admired them for a year before I decided to try my hand at it and then I was hooked. I end up selling each one I make and have yet to keep one for myself. Today, I pulled a couple of them down and started work on them as I have had several requests. This is one that I just finished and if you love Teesha Moore like I do, then don't look any further as it could be detrimental to your pocket book and you will begin searching for paint tins like I do! 

 There are still many watercolor tins/ paint boxes/ to be found, some newer and some very old. Now that everything is going to plastic, the days of old, detail and beautiful packaging are still highly sought after. When I have found them, I will have people say to me, "you want that old thing", my answer is always... "Yes, I do".

The theme for this "Painted Lady" is one of encouragement.

Beauty is born in a cocoon.... To live fully, you must let your Painted Lady Fly

Watercolor tins come is all sizes, some with just one or two rolls of colors

                  It really doesn't matter about the yesterday's, Just begin where you are.

      Writing on the front at opening says: "You can't keep a good girl down"

So happy you stopped by...

Sunday, September 1, 2013

MOMMA SAID .......

I have had Maggie's journal for at least three weeks now, maybe more. Before it even arrived, I already knew what I was going to do in it. I had ordered some things especially for her journal and I was waiting for them to arrive before I began working in it. Long story short, they never showed up.Lost in the mail and then the replacement order didn't show either. On top of that I have been working over time for the last two weeks with school starting. Friday I was still at a loss of what I was going to do in her journal. Just as I was leaving for the day Friday, a staff member handed me this inter-office envelope at the last minute. I took out the contents and as I looked at the envelope.... I began to see Maggie's journal.

Rather than remain frustrated because what I visualized was not going to happen, I remembered what "Momma said" and so Maggie's journal began....

 Maggie choose the colors Gray, Orange, and Yellow for each artist to use in her journal, adding others colors of their choosing but staying as close to her color theme as possible. Maggie's journal is about Love, Change, Possibilities,
Blessings and Embracing Life.... very much like Maggie!

 This is how I incorporated my new found envelope. I cut the sides, 
so that untied, there are added pages inside.

I thought the envelope was fate for Maggie's Journal. What did not work out for me originally, caused me to take another Path... this one was much more
enjoyable not knowing where I would go or what I would discover along the way! 

 These are pages and pretty handmade pockets inside the envelope.

A little Teesah Love 


The page on the left side below is the back side of the envelope

                               "Momma said there would be days like this"..... 
                       Momma is always right" (on yellow painted tag)

                  "When she was a child, she carried a road map in her hand, the way  other girls carried handkerchiefs"

                                                           My tag for Maggie ~*

discovered a lot working in Maggie's Journal.. that sometimes plans don't 
work out for a reason and taking the unknown path leads to hidden treasures and discoveries that we didn't even know were there.........and sometimes we learn things about ourselves along the way!

Beauty was hers in all it's brightness.. and she was determined to embrace every shape, line and color embued in her Spirit ~*

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