Monday, September 9, 2013


It seems that even with my mouth shut, I still have a lot to say - I started making pages for Gemma's journal as the inspiration guided me and I ended up with a few more than two, but it is almost the end of the road.. so I hope Gemma won't mind. I hate to see this year's journey end.

These journal pages are for Gemma. Gemma chose the color purple for the dominant color in her journal. I worked on Gemma's pages outside her journal just because they were easier to move around and I am quite messy. My pages turned out larger than the original pages in Gemma's journal. I had no immediate idea of how I was going to add them. That's what I love about art journals.. challenges, imperfections and washi tape!

"If you don't know where to start, start at the back". That actually worked out pretty well for me. Most of the time, where I end up is completely off the path of where I started. I love it when a good plan falls apart and possibilities take over.

Gemma had some pressed flower petals in her journal ..... a sure sign of a kindred spirit...

Her welcome page in front said " Take a Magical Voyage dare, go here"!, So I did and along the way, I incorporated a cardboard insert and stopped for a spot of Tea along my voyage.

This is the beginning of my pages at the back of the book.

                                            Gemma's House


Looking down only makes you see how far you can fall... Gemma's
NEVER look down, they prefer to FLY ~

The fold out house are two sided and fold out both ways!

                     Behind the fold out houses, I added this quote:

                                                   " Sit, be still and listen...
                                  because you are drunk and 
                                   we're at the End of the Roof "  

                                   The next two pages


Gemma's don't cry over spilled milk or a little rain, .. instead they pull up their boot straps, get back on their horse and can be heard yelling.."YE HAW - LET'S RIDE" !

                                             Stopping for Tea along the Voyage
                                         (Cardboard insert)

Back side of the cardboard insert

                                    A folded note to Gemma 

 Relaxing along the journey with a glass of wine and a note to Gemma

Adjacent page

"She knew things no one had told her"

Discover Your Gemma

Last two pages and the back of the book!

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

My Tag for Gemma

Thank you for stopping by and remember .... 
If you look up... you can see Gemma's House!

XO Kim


  1. WOW! Stunned by your most beautiful offering in my art journal. We are connected...Don't know how many times I've said
    "pull up your bootstraps" & "Ride em cowgirl" LOL I have not had a chance to sit with this art yet but I can tell it is thrilling! Thank you dearest Kim.

  2. Oh my, such beautiful, gorgeous pages. A wonderful way to start my day - thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping in today! Have a great day!!!

  3. You are kidding, right?
    You did not just make all of these
    beyond-exciting pages all by yourself, did you?
    You did not find the most perfect quotes
    and write some of your own, all alone, did you?
    You did not turn Gemma into a one name icon like Cher
    (although she deserves it) DID YOU!!???!!!
    If you were not the sweetest of friends,
    I would march my ass down to Arkansas and
    kick your ass! LOL!
    I am feeling a wee bit jealous that my mind
    doesn't spin as magically as yours does.
    I LOL'ed at the first line in the post, too!
    And starting in the back....I Always do that!
    Love you Girlfriend♥

    1. LOL, my mother would be the first to tell anyone "She always did march to the beat of her own drummer" !! Haha! But oooooh, what I wouldn't give to have your mad crazy painting skills like so many in this group! How I would LOVE to be able to paint a "Purty" face that didn't look like I was related to Picasso.
      Come on down to Arkansas anytime... there is a lot of people down here that need their ass kicked!! :)
      Love you too!!

  4. Wow Kim, you've done so many pages that they could be a book in their own right!! I love all the inserts and pull outs in various shapes, colours, double-sided and adorned with fab quotes. And I love the way you've written all the 'Gemma's' and the idea of discovering your Gemma. Fab idea & so full of heart. I also liked the tea/wine stops on your voyage. Gemma will treasure all the love that you've poured into these beautiful vibrant pages. She'll always be able to refer to your quotes and images for inspiration and uplifting. Cleverly put together, beautiful to view and uplifting to read :-)

    You are early this month my friend - you kinda have me worried that I'm slacking behind, lol :-)

    Kat Xx

    1. Thank you Kat... all my pages were due from "not being able to make a decision" LOL so I just did them all, even after gluing the backs to fronts, I still had too many, so what the heck, I just used them all! :)

      No worries, If I am not early , I'm late. I have a hard time with an idea sitting around waiting for me to get to it. Once the inspiration arrives, I generally stick with it until I finish it. Late nights are okay too, then it is just me and my Harley (mini schnauzer) and my crazy ideas!


  5. OH MY!!! Your creativity ASTOUNDS me yet again! I love Lisa's comment, LOL, I can never think of these quirky creative things the way you can. Lisa can pick me up on the way to Arkansas if she decides to go! :-D Love the colors, foldouts, the houses, the quotes, everything. Fabuloso!

    1. Thank you Maggie, but I am laughing because absolutely no one is more astounded than me when I am done and everything has worked out !!!

      When I shut the journal, I always do this little happy dance..... It's embarrassing!
      After all, when the happy moments come, you should dance!!


    2. I agree - A happy dance is well deserved and loved.

  6. WOW- as always, you are one hard act to follow! But follow I shall, in just a few weeks! Gemma's will be the last book I create in before sending it home to her- can't wait! I LOVE everything about your pages, all the quotes and art and details- I especially love the Gemma houses- so beautiful!

  7. Thank you Stephanie, I can't believe we only have one more book to go. This year's journey has really gone by quickly. Each one has been such a challenge and receiving each new journal to work in a new color theme each month has been equally exciting. You should have Gemma's book any day now. I finished early so I just went ahead and sent it . I think yours is the next journal I will receive and I can't wait to see it and work in it. This has been a great journey, I don't know how we can keep improving on it, but I am sure... Lisa D. will think of something.. genius!


  8. Came back to see this again and totally wowed by your work. I must be the luckiest girl in the world right now. Thank you far beyond words.

  9. Wow- what an amazing project- such lovely colors!!

    Girlfriend- your beautiful scarves have arrived and I'm so very grateful- thank you so much. They are just so lovely and they will be loved! I'm working on all the photos-- will be a bit-- but hope to post in a couple of weeks.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart--

    1. Thank you Vicki for hosting such a worthy project and one so close to my heart .
      I love and adore your work , You are a special lady! 💗

  10. What a treat this is - made me smile and gasp in admiration at the same time! Love your "Guide to Gemma" it's so sweet and so much fun! Wonderful art and colour, your pages are always so vibrant and lively! x

  11. Heavens Kim!! this is fantastic! I just love your art work - Gemma is one lucky person!!

  12. I am totally overcome with appreciation for you. the detail, fabric, vivid colours, the time and care you place in your labor of love is astounding. Excellent work. You must have a lot of patience and a lot of space to create your journals.

  13. Hi there, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you for stopping in and for your lovely comment. I glad to have you as a new friend. I will be visiting your blog very soon, trying to catch up on all my favorite places to visit!
      Have a wonderful week!


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