Monday, September 2, 2013


"Painted ladies" is a term in American architecture used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish their architectual details. 

Many days I am a "Painted Lady" myself as I am commonly covered in three or more colors. Today I am posting what I like to call, my "Painted Ladies". I coined this term for the vintage water color tins that I pick up and collect whenever I see them or can find one. I don't care that the colors are not all there or that the paint is all dried out. I love that each tin was once owned and held by an artist or perhaps an aspiring artist, but none the less, they are all irresistible to me.

I saw my first altered watercolor paint tin in Stampington's magazine, Somerset Studio years ago and I never forgot it. I was in love. Three years ago, I came across a few vintage watercolor tins in a sale and purchased them. They sat in my studio and I admired them for a year before I decided to try my hand at it and then I was hooked. I end up selling each one I make and have yet to keep one for myself. Today, I pulled a couple of them down and started work on them as I have had several requests. This is one that I just finished and if you love Teesha Moore like I do, then don't look any further as it could be detrimental to your pocket book and you will begin searching for paint tins like I do! 

 There are still many watercolor tins/ paint boxes/ to be found, some newer and some very old. Now that everything is going to plastic, the days of old, detail and beautiful packaging are still highly sought after. When I have found them, I will have people say to me, "you want that old thing", my answer is always... "Yes, I do".

The theme for this "Painted Lady" is one of encouragement.

Beauty is born in a cocoon.... To live fully, you must let your Painted Lady Fly

Watercolor tins come is all sizes, some with just one or two rolls of colors

                  It really doesn't matter about the yesterday's, Just begin where you are.

      Writing on the front at opening says: "You can't keep a good girl down"

So happy you stopped by...


  1. LOVE these too Kim. They are AWESOME!

  2. AMAZING! I am going to look for some of these paint tins every time I'm browsing around the junk-thrift shops! So cool!

  3. LLLOOOVVVEE! I do love Teesha's art,
    But you and yours I adore!!!
    I will forever be on the look-out for paint tins,
    if only to send them to you.
    You are wonderful♥


  4. love your story about the paint tins and i love how you can take anything and make it into something fabulous and uplifting!


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