Sunday, November 10, 2013


DRINK WINE?  You still have time to make these cute little Cork Christmas Trees.

All you need is 15 wine corks per tree. That's 30 bottles of wine for two trees. Yikes! You can also just purchase the corks.  The two bottom ones need to be the same height. A glue gun, some acrylic paint, and some little buttons and embellishments. Or you can do what I did and purchased this little craft pocket at Hobby Lobby that had everything you would need inside. Tiny little buttons. I just clipped off the plastic loop on the back side to make them flat for gluing on the cork.

I made both of these in way under less than 45 minutes.  Not counting drinking the wine. :)

You don't have 15 corks? You still have time.... Get popping!  


  1. Love these Kim! As you know, wine and I are
    not strangers...but mostly I drink the wine from the box.
    That one should stump you for a while! LOL!
    Seriously, your trees a cute and creative, like you :)
    And your Thankful Tree
    is just pure genius!
    Just such a great new tradition ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Haha, not stumped at all. Is that a bad thing? :)


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