Sunday, November 3, 2013


                                        I have been referred to as "One of Those".  LOL  and yes I am "one of those". One of those people who love everything about Christmas. I can barely wait to
to get my tree out and decorations up. It takes everything in me to refrain from doing it until after Thanksgiving. I generally do not put my tree up until the day after Thanksgiving.
However, Thanksgiving is a tad bit late this year so that gave me the go ahead to get the tree out and get it set up. I do also love Thanksgiving and not to slight it, I never decorate until it is over. 

Fall is my favorite time of year and I never miss the opportunity to pick up the beautiful gifts of colored leaves that God so graciously gave us with the trees and the change of seasons. This year my daughter and 4 of my grandchildren who live here took a nature walk, each with a bag in hand and picked up leaves. They enjoyed it as much or more than picking up Easter Eggs. That same day, we painted the leaves and let them dry. These would add to our table decorations for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

Yesterday I was looking at the bare Christmas Tree and the leaves I pressed and I was thinking of all that I was Thankful for. One hour later, my tree became the "Thankfulness Tree", bearing the pressed leaves I picked up, some of the leaves we painted, and thoughts of what I was thankful for.

                                  Use Gel pens or markers to write on the press leaves
 It doesn't have to be a perfect work of art, just write your Thankful thoughts

This one is one of the leaves we painted. Magnolia leaves work really well for painting since they are thicker.

 We have a lot of children at our house for Thanksgiving for I am going to let each one
decorate a tag and write what they are thankful for and then place it on the tree. You are also creating memories, so I will date the back of each one and save them.

So yes, I am proud to be "One of Those" and if you are "One of Those", then do whatever 
is in your heart and ENJOY your holidays, however you celebrate, to the VERY FULLEST!



  1. Great post! Love your enthusiasm and gratitude - so inspiring!

  2. This is a beautiful tradition, Kim. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Hi...yes One of those!!! :-)
    Love the leaves and tags idea...I have made paper chain garlands some past years where everyone writes their thankful notes. I am thankful that Kat drew your name for me to send a gift to! YES!! Going to be FUN holidays.

  4. I love your Thankfulness Tree!! what wonderful idea & tradition you created!!! i wish my grandchildren lived closer so i could do this with them. Your family is so very blessed to have YOU loving them <3

  5. Oh, I am so thankful you are "One of Those"!! Your enthusiasm for all things beautiful and loving just makes my day! Love this post and all your ideas ~ I think I will go take a walk and pick up some pretty leaves. All of a sudden they are plentiful around here, Fall has turned out prettier than I thought it would be :)


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