Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It all started with this wrapping paper ....

I purchased this embossed wrapping paper before Christmas just because it caught my eye and I loved it.
I did not wrap one thing with it, but I knew I would use it.

.........And this Christmas card sent to me from my lovely talented artist friend, Lisa Priti. This is a print from her painting, which I love and covet all her work. I went out looking for a frame and came home empty handed.

At that point I decided maybe I would put it on canvas instead of framing it. The first thing I did was to enlarge the print. Then I used a white canvas that I purchased from the Dollar Store (they actually came in a package of two). I painted the canvas, first giving it some texture with washi tape, and had no idea what I was going to do from there UNTIL... I spotted "the wrapping paper" in my studio. The embossed wrapping paper was going to make an arched frame to place on the canvas over the print.  The JOY just kept growing, from the wrapping paper, to the print and now to the thought that my idea might just actually work out. (Love those possibilities)...

I scurried around in my studio (messy) drawers and found some bits and pieces of broken jewelry etc. that would add to the frame. I even found a vintage slide holder that made a perfect little hanging from the canvas which I titled "JOY".  That is what everything about this picture brought me...Sheer  JOY. 

I am quite thrilled how well it turned out and tomorrow, New Years Day, it will find a place on my wall to start out the New Year.


I am also submitting this piece to the challenge at Inspiration Avenue since the theme  this week is "JOY".  Be sure to check it out and share in all the "JOY" going on over there this week!

Thank you for stopping by and sharing in my JOY, and Thank you Lisa  P. for your beautiful artwork, which I will thoroughly enjoy viewing everyday  knowing it came from a special friend.

Also found this little card while digging around .... 


Sunday, December 29, 2013


I know many of you are sick of the "S" word already, but I still have everything crossed that we might see a nice layering of white just once before winter passes it's torch to Spring. In the mean time for us in the South, I will just enjoy these pictures and wish you all a Warm and Cozy Happy New Year!