Monday, November 3, 2014


I have passed the torch. The last journal pages of the year for me have passed through my studio and flying home to its rightful owner. Chagall marked the ending of another amazing year of the Magical Journal Journeys. It has been an honor and a challenge to work in these incredible art journals with such talented artists and friends. Each artist chose an artist for the theme of their journal. As the journals made their rounds, each artist completed two pages, back and front, in the artist chosen for that journal.  I have a new found respect for this artist and others that passed my way as I learned more about their lives and insight into their world. 

Chagall for instance is not an artist that I can say I was particularly fond of his work. In fact, to the eye, his work seems very simplistic and primary. When in actuality it is quite the opposite. I found his style to be very challenging to emulate and it didn't take me long to be captivated by his work.

Here are the two pages that I created for Stephanie's Journal. I loved that she made her journal in the shape of a house.

Windows for Jerusalem

Chagall journal should reach its final destination this week. Thank you each one of you for sharing your artist with me and allowing me to play in your journals. Its been another magical year and as I spend quite, happy  moments looking over each and every page of my own journal, I am thankful for each of you for leaving a piece of your HeART and SOUL with me!  

Happy Holidays to the amazing women of The Magical Journal Journeys and CHEERS TO ANOTHER YEAR AHEAD! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Replenishing my Soul

I have given myself permission. I am more important than the dishes in my sink, the laundry piled on the couch, and the unending list of things on my "to do" list. None of those things may happen without me, but the world will go on. So today and everyday, I give myself permission to replenish my spirit, to fill my soul with inspiration, energy and calmness. To begin my days or end them with a feeling that "all is well" and I can bravely carry on.

Bella Grace is a beautiful new magazine by Stampington & Company devoted to finding Magic in the ordinary. This is one of my favorite "Go to Places" . Sometimes the Magic is right in front of us. Have you given yourself permission? If not, it's time... XOXO

Bella Grace Magazine

Saturday, September 27, 2014


After attending the Artful Gathering workshop this summer and attending Mary Jane Chadbourne's Art Doll Class, I can't seem to stop making these Art Dolls! They are quite addictive and so much fun to make. If you were a class member, you could buy her bare wooden doll kit in her Etsy shop, which I did since cutting out wood pieces is not something I have attempted yet. I made 9 dolls in all and I had one more kit left. .. Fast forward.... I moved on to making Inspiration Blocks, much like the Art Doll Blocks that we made in class only mine are a menagerie of images and art that inspired me. These take hours and hours to make, but hours that I truly love spending in my studio, just me and my dog Harley. I have experimented with a variety of different tops and each one I make, I love more than the next! The head piece on this angel is a original art drawer pull by designer Perry Gargano, whose work I find fascinating. 
I am also a huge fan of Teesha Moore's work and she was a big inspiration in the making of these two inspiration blocks and my Altered Angel ( my last doll kit from Mary Jane Chadbourne's Anthology of an Art Doll workshop).

Teesha's Stamp:   "You have to do things that average people don't understand, because those are the only good things"

                                                                           Back side

                                                                         BACK SIDE

My Altered Angel is truly altered in every way. She is meant to stand upright, but I altered the kit (drilling holes and filling holes, so that she is on her side in flight. Many of the images and stamps in all three pieces are from Teesha's earlier works from her early journals and altered by me (with her permission of course).

These pieces are truly one of a kind and have a Zetti theme, which inspire me to the moon and back. 

I have also added a mini Zetti journal handmade by me that goes with my altered angel. I mean she doesn't fly anywhere without her art journal! The cut out in the middle of her is a mini shelf with a domino that has the word stamped: "Twinkle" on it and it firmly attached to the shelf.


The blocks pictured below also have Perry Gargano's designer art drawer pull on top. It is just another one of his amazing creations! 

I have included pictures of all three finished pieces and they will soon be listed in my Etsy shop.

                                                            ZETTI Inspiration Blocks

 Thank you to everyone for your kind support of my art and leaving me such supportive comments!

Your friendship is sunshine to my day!


Saturday, September 20, 2014


This is what I have been up to lately.  I hope you are taking the time to do something YOU love! 

I am offering these Inspiration Art Blocks in my Etsy Shop. I love making them and they are each one of a kind, never duplicated.  Have a wonderful week and Stay Inspired ~ Fall is around the corner!


Sunday, August 31, 2014


It's another month of Journal Rounds and this month I received a journal to do two pages in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. Painting a flower is like painting the smell of a flower, there is  so much more beauty there than one can possibly put onto canvas or paper... that is unless you are Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Trying to get into her vision and style one would almost have to shrink themselves and take a journey  inside the body of a flower.  Somethings are so beautiful sometimes you find yourself at a loss for words trying to describe it. That's how I find flowers, there is beauty, but there is so much more beauty than one can really express with words or paint.

 Georgia O'Keeffe is an American Artist and her creative vision of enlarged blossoms and New York buildings earned her the title as the Mother of American Modernism.

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey of creating these pages for my dear friend Gemma. I learned more about Georgia than I thought I knew and I found out that it 's very therapeutic to get lost in the petals of a flower.

This is the first page I made for Gemma. I added a little dancing lady in the center. The petals of her skirt flip open on both sides and I have added quotes to them and a message to Gemma!

This is my version of one of her poppy paintings.
Dance of the Poppies
I added a ballerina who is dancing inside this beautiful flower.
Georgia O'Keeffe had her own style and vision and often proclaimed
"I'll do as I please"

Quote on the side reads: "I've decided to and start anew and strip away what I've been taught"

My last page did not include flowers at all. Georgia O'Keeffe also painted buildings and a painting similar to this one with a women in a shaw with big hat. I decided to paint the women with a similar hat and shaw sitting on a park bench resting.

This is the inside of Gemma's back cover of which three of us have added to it. Next stop, Stephanie will finish it up. Lisa Wright made the bottom half a pocket so we could insert any notes to Gemma. Gemma's Journal is large and beautiful and in perfect keeping with the way that Georgia O'Keeffe paints her flowers.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Anthology of An Art Doll Part Two

If you read my last post, then you know that I treated myself this summer to a workshop at the Artful Gathering Art Retreat in Mary Jane Chadbourne's class - The Imaginarium - Anthology of An Art Doll.
The class has been awesome and will soon be over in another week. I managed to make another doll and a block doll. These are quite addicting. :)  Here are my latest creations. I am sure I will be making more now that Art Doll is in my blood!

Now I have to get ready to create a couple pages for the " Magical Journal Journeys" Journal group I belong too. The journal I will be receiving this month will be in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. Stay tuned and so happy you stopped in!

Words on her Wings: 
"She believed she could and so she did" 

Words on her dress:
"I am the Butterfly"


"A Testimonial of Faith"
"Butterfly Chase your Dreams"

Here photos of my Block Dolls. I love making these and already have ideas for more!

Below is the full picture of each of the sides

Thank you again for your lovely visit. If you don't mind, take a moment to follow me and stay tuned for The Magical Journal Journey's to follow next!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


The Imaginarium - Anthologies of an Art Doll, this is what I have been up to since July 16th. I had the opportunity to attend this fabulous Art Doll workshop over at Artful Gathering with instructor Mary Jane Chadbourne. This workshop has kept  me super busy along with my work, my shops, family and other commitments, but I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. There a couple more weeks of the workshop left  and it will end on August 26th.

I have to say this has been the best workshop I have ever attended. I have met so many sweet inspiring art friends and enjoyed the workshop with friends I already new and had the opportunity to see more of their work. Mary Jane is a super instructor, very talented and very easy to follow. If you haven't seen her art dolls, then you must journey on over to her Etsy shop, Desert Dream Studio and see a few that she has recently listed, but you will have to hurry, her dolls sell super fast!

I have always loved her work, and now that I am making these dolls myself, I have a much greater appreciation for the work and amount of time that goes into these creative creatures!  I have made some doll assemblages of my own in the past which is what inspired me to take Mary Jane's workshop. I am so glad that I did. all the dolls that have been created by different artists there have been so inspiring and I have learned so many new techniques and how to properly apply them. Mary Jane has been a great instructor and makes everything easy and fun. Through her inspiration and knowledge, I have completed these 7 dolls and before each one was completed, I was already dreaming up another one. 

 There are the first three dolls I completed. Each doll is made of wood and stands up to 13" tall (some are shorter) with base of 4" x 2.25" deep.

                                                 "We are each of us Angels" 

                                                             Back side
                                          "I dreamt I was a Soul"

                                                             DREAM MACHINE

                                                                   Back Side
                                           "Let us Dream of Evanescense 
                  And Linger in The Beautiful Foolishness of Things"


Not one of the dolls I made turned out the way I started with them. They all seem to take a personality all their own.

And here are the last four I completed. I probably would still be making them except I have run out of parts!

 By my fourth doll, I became a little braver in my assemblage and I thought this one needed a door on front since she had a cut out in the middle.

 When you open the door, you see the word "HEAVEN". One side of the door says: "Come In"
The other side of the door says: "Open to All". 

                   This is the back side of the doll, I love creating the backs as well as the fronts

 This is my favorite part of the doll, which I knew I had to have when I saw this little lantern at Michael's and it also came with a little battery pack, so there is no plug in required.

                                "WE WILL BE ALRIGHT"  IS Doll # 4

                  "ADVENTURE"  "UNTIE YOUR WINGS"    ....   is doll # 5

                                                                                         "FOREST FAIRY" my doll # 6

I sculpted this doll's face from clay, which was one of our lesson's in the workshop. Her branches that I added to her crown are also from paper clay.

 "She loved watching it. And Suddenly she knew some-thing. And it made her feel wonderful, about Life itself."
                                                                      "LOVE YOU MADLY"
                     (I loved using the vintage door knob and the ceramic doll hands)

                                          "COUNT THE HAPPIES"     

             For Doll #7 I decided on a CLOWN......      "LIFE IS GOOD" 

I was pretty happy with how her painted face turned out since I have never really painted a clown before.

 I did something a little different with this doll... for the back side, I created another doll, just a little different than the front side.  I used vintage monopoly playing pieces on her head and her juggling balls are copper wire and beads.

The last part of the workshop, I will be working on some Block Dolls and some Artist Trading Blocks. You will have to visit again to see what I learned to do with those.

If you have the opportunity next year to attend a workshop at Artful Gathering, doing something you love or trying your hand at something new, take the time for yourself and do it, I promise that you will be so glad that you did.

Stay Inspired!