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If you have been following the Magical Journal Journeys this past year in 2013, then you are at the right place for our year end PARTY to view all NINE completed journals. If you have not been following the journals you don't need an invitation, I would  LOVE  for you to stay and  Join the party! It actually begins on Saturday, but if you are here early... LET THE PARTY BEGIN!

The journal below is my completed journal. I made the original journal and then it was sent off to the states and the UK and back to me at the end of the year. Each artist chose a dominant color(s) for their journals. This party is to show each completed journal in their chosen colors. Nine Art Journals, .. a collaboration of  9 artists and friends.

After viewing my journal, please click on the other 8 artists to see more amazing journals and how their colors came to life. At the end of this post, you are welcome to sign up for my give away for joining the party!

 RED is m favorite color. To compliment it, I chose PINK (my second favorite) and Orange

 I chose a Vintage book. The leather cover was so old it was separating from the hard board, so I covered the hard board and covered the outer leather cover with gauze that I painted RED. I stitched the gauze to the leather cover and cut ouT a window. Underneath the gauze I made a collage before stitching the cover on to the leather. On the hard board I made a collage similar to the one in the window. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE IMPERFECTIONS, this breakdown of the book cover ended up giving me two covers in one!

 I had this old metal rusted button with a crown on that looked like it once was on an old heavy Pea Coat. I used that button on the cover which was a perfect holder for a paint brush.


I added color tags to show the colors of my journal

You can see how my book just kept getting 

 Here is the REVEAL of my completed Journal and the Shared Pages of our MAGICAL JOURNAL JOURNEYS For 2013.



A Magical Story written for me by Katina Wright

Thank you for joining the Party. If you would like to put your name in the hat to win a Party Gift, I will be randomly selecting TWO WINNERS. One will receive a copy of the new edition of Art Journaling by Somerset Studio

AND the second winner, a choice of any Journal listed in my Etsy Shop. Here's how to get up to three chances.

1. Leave a comment here that you joined the party for one entry.
2. Like my Etsy shop and fave the journal you would like to win and leave that comment here for another entry. The winner will win the journal they select.
3. Share on FB and leave a comment here that you have shared info about the Magical Journal Journeys Party for another entry.

Monday, Jan.20th, I will randomly generate two winners and post the  here! So check back on the 20th.

FOR NOW...Please PARTY ON to the links below to view more amazing journals.

Tammy at Art and Inspirations


  1. Oh! Your RED book!!! What a beauty...such a happy book!
    So nice of you to do a slipped my mind, maybe I will come up with have thought of 2 perfect gifts, you are wonderful Kim.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. Just beautiful. Love the colors and all the work put into this wonderful journal.

  3. Stunning! Those vibrant colourful pages lift my spirits - a joyful infusion of art & imagination. Fantastic!! I'm so honoured to have shared this journey with you. Looking forward to our next collaboration & hopefully many many more.....hugs, Kat xx

  4. Party on girl! Lush is the perfect word to describe these colours - totally blown away. I keep saying it, but I know I will coming back to these posts over and over again!

  5. WOW! Your journal is the bomb! Great job of displaying it here. I love the work you did in everyone's journals. What a pleasure it is sharing art and friendship with you. BTW was at the art store the other day looking at your magazine cover and bragging about how I know you.

  6. Rich rich rich!! Your journal is just packed with the awesome color Red! It's probably my favorite color, so I really enjoyed seeing these pages (some I've seen already and some never before). Pink and Orange are probably close favorites of mine since they are really variations of Red. I think every page is playful and happy.
    You are so generous to offer such an amazing giveaway (I would have put the journal as first prize, just saying. :-) Not that the Art Journaling issue is not super amazing and full of inspiration, sheesh...I'm just sad we who participated in the Magical Journey are prolly not eligible and I'm not lucky anyway :-( Just wanted to say how wonderfully generous you are!!!
    Maggie xo

    1. Thank you Maggie!! It was so much fun working in everyone's journal and certainly challenging in the most fabulous way! I haven't visited all the journals yet, but I plan to party off and on all weekend! 💗

    2. Kim, it's absolutely fabulous! What incredibly beautiful work...lovely!

  7. I almost forgot how delicious your journal was! Gorgeous gorgeous vibrant colors. Just beautiful. A real treasure from the outside in. Love all of it!

  8. Great book-great colors! looks like a lot of fun!

  9. went to your etsy site and favorited a journal-and am following you now :)

    1. Donna, You were randomly selected as the winner of one of my journals in my Etsy shop. Please go to my Etsy shop and send me a convo as to which Journal you would like to have. I now only have two left. If you do not want one of the last two journals, you can have a copy the Art Journal Magazine. Just let me know and Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will come again. Going to visit your Etsy shop as well!

  10. Awesome Journals - everyone is a treasure.

    1. Roxanne,
      You are the winner of a copy of the Art Journaling Magazine. I went to your lovely blog and saw that you love the ACEO cards. Your watercolor is beautiful!! I don't have any ACEO in watercolor, but if you would rather have two of my ACEO cards instead of the Magazine, you are welcome to pick two from my shop. Either way, go to my Etsy shop and leave me a convo there letting me know what you would like to have and your address. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will come again! We are Teamies on CAST!

  11. Kim - all of your journals are awesome would be hard to choose ONE.

  12. It's my birthday and would love to win one of the giveaways. I just love your art and was directed to your blog by reading the article in Art Journaling. All the best!


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