Saturday, April 5, 2014


Magical Journal Journeys 2014

Once again our Journals have taken flight as we begin another year sending  our journals around the globe sharing friendship, inspiration and art.
This year we each picked an artist that inspires us, living or passed and we each will then work in the journals as they come to us in the chosen artist for that journal. This provided a great opportunity to learn different artists and to challenge ourselves outside our comfort zones.

 I chose Anahata Katkin as my artist for my journal. She is a living Oregon based artist born in Alaska, like me! She is also the founder of PAPAYA Inc. & PAYPAYA Living Boutique. I adore her work that she refers to as "Creative Abandon" which means a life of purpose, passion and creative authenticity rolled into one goal.

Here is my journal cover that I started and that will continue to be worked on as it travels around the globe.

This is the page I created on the inside cover inspired by Anahata Katkin.

These are my sign in hands
and it was off in the mail to Stephanie!

The first journal I received was Tammy's and her inspiration for her journal was Duy Huynh. Duy Huynh (pronounced yee wun) is a living artist who creates poetic and comtemplative acrylic paintings often in a dreamlike setting.

I am not a procrastinator, but I completely avoided getting started on this artist because it was so out of my comfort zone, even after Tammy so kindly sent me the size of her journal pages so I could get started until her journal cover arrived. After reading about the artist and making several sketches of my own, I knew this was going to be a challenge for me, but a rewarding one for sure. All fear subsided, I was ready to get started and I began cutting my paper with the sizes that Tammy sent me. I completed the first two pages and I was all ready to get started on the backs of them until ......

the mail came.

It seems that "someone" got so excited about getting started that "they" did not finish cutting the length correctly. After I cut the width and made several strips, I just got right to work and this is the first two pages I made for Tammy's journal.

Notice anything? Tammy's journal page she made is in the middle, mine two pages are on the left and right. hummm..

Luckily, I was able to cut off the ends without really loosing the picture.


Making use of the pieces that I cut off for tags

The Finish Line

The backs of the first two pages (with correct measurements - :)

First challenge completed and with great joy and the reward of knowing that I learned more about an artist that I probably wouldn't have known on my own, and it was a challenge to push myself to go beyond my own expectations of what I thought I could do.

The final part of our collaboration is adding to each other's journal covers. I added a background to Tammy's cover in the colors that Duy Huynh uses a lot of. Most of his work is in very subdued colors, this was truly hard for me to tone it down and not throw color out there everywhere.

Thanks Tammy for such a great challenge and now it's on the way to Stephanie!

I can't wait for the next one to arrive.