Sunday, May 25, 2014


The journal I have been working in for May is from Kat and the artist she chose for her journal is Jennifer Judd McGee. Each artist who receives her book is to create a couple pages in the style of Jennifer Judd McGee. The journal I receive in June will be a different artist. I thoroughly enjoyed working in Kat's journal this month. I love collage work and McGee's style is full of inspiration. Once I got started it was hard to stop, I kept thinking of more things to do. 

I will start with the cover of her journal which Kat has worked on to begin her journey. Lisa Wright and Tammy Sprinkle worked on the cover as well and I have added some collage work on the right side. Once Stephanie gets this journal after me, she will complete the front cover. The artist on the rest of the journey, will collaborate on her back cover.

Kat's Canvas Cover 
She is using rings for her journal and will assemble the journal when it makes the last stop back to her.

Kat created this very cool and very detailed sign in page on the inside of her front cover for each of us to complete a square. It opens up from the center of the page.

Sign in page
I am the Frog on the bottom left

My first page was the most intimidating

Back side of my first page

Next I added a long insert just because
I like the look of different size pages

On the left is the back side of the long insert and on the right is the beginning of my second page that I have folded in half to make an additional page.

                                                                                Second Page unfolded

                                                                       The back of my last page

I didn't show the pages in Kat's journal that were done before mine, you can see various pages of each book as our journey progresses by clicking on the blogs on the right side of my blog. One thing I know for sure is that when Kat gets this journal back, it is going to be one Fabulous book!  This one is completed and now ready to mail to Stephanie.  I can't wait to see what artist I will be studying in June!  

STAY TUNED ...................... XO

Saturday, May 10, 2014


The Magical Journal Journeys has begun again for 2014. This time each artist has chosen an artist (living or passed) that they would like for each of us to work in that artist style in their journal. Not only are we creating pages in the style of their chosen artist, but we are each collaborating on the cover.

 I absolutely love the idea of learning more about all these different artists and working a little outside my comfort zone. 

The first journal I received is Lisa Wright's Journal. Lisa chose the artist, 

The picture above is the book dust cover that Lisa made for her journal.
A great combination of Lisa and Matisee

Matisse was much more challenging than I initially thought he would be, but
I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this artist and I learned so much from his personal style. 

I chose to re-create Matisse's "Open Window" which was done in 1905. I could totally see myself sitting in that window in the afternoon enjoying that view of sailboats and water.

And because I love dessert and the color red, the second page I chose was  "Dessert: Harmony in Red" 1908

Here is my afternoon with Matisse ~*

Open Window ~ 1905

Dessert: Harmony in Red ~ 1908


My journey with MATISSE was great! It will now be on the way to Stephanie, 
who has been very patiently waiting... thanks Stephanie and Thank you Lisa
Wright for the great time I had with your chosen Artist!

This is the actual cover of Lisa's book, under the dust jacket. Tammy and I have both added to it and as it makes it's way to other artist, they will continue to add to it or change it completely. It will be exciting to see
each journal once they make the full round back to each of us.

Stay tuned for the next.....