Saturday, May 10, 2014


The Magical Journal Journeys has begun again for 2014. This time each artist has chosen an artist (living or passed) that they would like for each of us to work in that artist style in their journal. Not only are we creating pages in the style of their chosen artist, but we are each collaborating on the cover.

 I absolutely love the idea of learning more about all these different artists and working a little outside my comfort zone. 

The first journal I received is Lisa Wright's Journal. Lisa chose the artist, 

The picture above is the book dust cover that Lisa made for her journal.
A great combination of Lisa and Matisee

Matisse was much more challenging than I initially thought he would be, but
I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with this artist and I learned so much from his personal style. 

I chose to re-create Matisse's "Open Window" which was done in 1905. I could totally see myself sitting in that window in the afternoon enjoying that view of sailboats and water.

And because I love dessert and the color red, the second page I chose was  "Dessert: Harmony in Red" 1908

Here is my afternoon with Matisse ~*

Open Window ~ 1905

Dessert: Harmony in Red ~ 1908


My journey with MATISSE was great! It will now be on the way to Stephanie, 
who has been very patiently waiting... thanks Stephanie and Thank you Lisa
Wright for the great time I had with your chosen Artist!

This is the actual cover of Lisa's book, under the dust jacket. Tammy and I have both added to it and as it makes it's way to other artist, they will continue to add to it or change it completely. It will be exciting to see
each journal once they make the full round back to each of us.

Stay tuned for the next.....



  1. Oh wow Kim!! I am so excited that soon this will be fine to look at every day! What a wonderful piece of work you've created you little star!!

  2. I love, love, LOVE your interpretation of Matisse! He is one of my all time favorites and I'm looking forward to visiting with him for a while this month! Can't wait!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the open window painting, so pretty and inviting. The Red Dessert is so vibrant and cleverly created. You've done a beautiful job with Matisse. I'm finding this year's swap a real challenge but so very satisfying because I seem to grow with each journal. I've just finished and posted about my art in Maggie's Merello journal.
    Hugs, Kat xx

  4. I love your pages! You've done Matisse so well. I love the patterns you used...Matisse used wonderful patterns as well. I'm lucky I will soon see this in "person"!

  5. Fantastic Kim. Open windows are inspiring on their own and with your clever imagination spending an afternoon there with Matisse, delightful. Also like that the painting is hidden behind the window shutters. Can't wait to see the real thing.

  6. Love the new look of your blog and even more than that i love and am amazed at your wonderful God given creative and inspiring outlook and talents! i am in awe of you!

  7. Love your blog, Kim. And those altered paint tins are fantastico ! I am so inspired by your creations. What a give-away. I hate to be greedy, but I hope I win a tin ! :-)

  8. I love this work with Matisse and also that there is a painting hidden behind the window shutter...coolio !

  9. I think you did a fantastic job here at the blog and i am in LOVE with this give-away!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  10. Hi Kim! I commented before, but wanted to say your new blog look is AWESOME! Congrats on accomplishing it yourself! I love how everything pops on the black.

  11. Open window! I love it! Absolutely awesome!

  12. Thank you for the opportunity to win your Giveaway! I am now following you...hugs.

  13. I was here B4 but came back to C your new Blog layout!!! So cool! LOVE it!


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