Saturday, June 7, 2014


Little Bity books, mini journals

You never know what will happen when you accept a challenge! I belong to an art group on Face Book called the "Enchanted Imaginarium" and we had a challenge call this month to make a little book and be part of a swap for them, any kind of little book as long as it was 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches. I am addicted to Journals of all kinds so this just sounded like a little journal challenge to me. 

I never dreamed it would be so addicting after making just one. My brain exploded and ideas just kept flashing like electrical sparks gone crazy, I just kept making them and before I knew it , the weekend was over and in two days of complete heaven, I had not made just one, but 11 of them. 

The fun part was using my imagination, I had no clue as to what I was doing. I am pretty pleased with how they all turned out in spite of all the little imperfections. I am sure the next batch I make (and yes, I am already contemplating my next batch) will have more added little bits of love as the wheels just keep turning.They are all different, all unique, and creatively imperfect, which I think just adds to the beauty of them. . As I began to show them to my group on FB, not even finished, I already had a request for 5 of them so that made me really happy.

These are the most fun books I have ever made. I might add that the entire books are made from scraps of paper left over from art projects or pieces of paper I saved from previous art work. I am sure I will be changing them, experimenting with them, using different mediums with them, and I will continue to make them and share them with you here. I plan to make another batch very soon. All these this little bity books will be offered for sale in my second Etsy shop, Notable Encounters. I didn't know what to call them, so I just decided to call them "B Books".   B stands for Bity Books ,a little book much like a mini journal, and the B also stands for a lot of the things that I write about in the books:

B you
B unique
B creative
B kind
B brave
B a friend
B generous
B encouraging
B present
B strong
B good to yourself
B calm and carry on

It all made sense to me!

I so hope you will follow me and my B Books, I would love for you to share any little books that you make, your techniques, how you bind them, etc.

A story always begins somewhere, this is how mine started:
One idea, one Saturday afternoon, ...... 

I hoard paper, so if you are like me, it took me "a while" to go through the paper and take out different textures, patterns, colors, etc. that I thought I would like to have in the book. I knew I wanted an assortment of paper but still have some white watercolor paper for writing and paint. All the paper I chose was not going to fit into that little book. I just started by measuring and cutting paper to the size of the book until I had stack of my chosen assorted papers.

By trial and error, I found out that a good size for the book starting out would four small signatures, each signature had four pages that would be folded in half making a total of 8 pages in each signature. I love full books so I knew I would need a way to close the books. I decided to use regular household string that I had around the house. I cut my pieces and dyed them with alcohol inks. I glued the string to the front and back pages and then added my piece of painted cardboard on top of the string back and front. This worked well as it hides and enforces the string and adds a nice textured layer to the cover. I made my cover from a piece of card stock and added the finished piece on top of the cardboard. 

What you can expect from my little B BOOKS:
One of a Kind
A variety of papers inside
Some quotes and doodling and handmade art
with lots of blank spots and pages for you to make the B Book your own.
And a little Bee on the back cover to insure that is it a one of a kind original B Book by me.

I had no idea that a lot of people collect all kinds of little books until I spent hours on Pinterest. You should see the little book shelves and trunks they make for them! I am sure I will be making some to keep for myself and to give away to friends and family. They make perfect little encouragement books, etc. and they are so stinkin' cute!

Tip for the day:  When a challenge speaks to you, answer. :)




  1. Wow, you clever girl! These little B books are adorable. The chllenge was met and trumped, I do believe. Nicely done. I can only imagine the papers flying in your art room. haha...

  2. These are just so beautifully done- what an incredible idea!!! I loved hearing the process as well- you ROCK!

  3. Love your little B books! I too am addicted to making these miniature treasures. Will try to find your facebook group.

    1. JoAnne, the group is the Enchanted Imaginarium on FB.
      It is a great group and there is always a lot going on. The swap for the little books is closed now, but we have had such a big response from it that it will be an on going thing, so you should join!

  4. You never stop Kim!!!
    Your B books are just incredible! What a fantastic little
    gift, perfect for anyone. You always amaze me♥ ♥ ♥

  5. LOVE these. You are so creative.
    B books...are da Bomb!


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