Monday, July 21, 2014


July has brought unusually nice weather and a new artist inspiration for the Magical Journal Journeys. The artist that Maggie chose for her journal was Jose Manuel Merello. Working in the style of this artist was very calming for me even though his work seems to portray abstract chaos. Merello's style is Mediterranean and Spanish. I was drawn to his work by the use of  his bold and bright colors. Below are the two pages (actually four back and front) that I created for Maggie's Journal  - Merello.

                                                The cover of Maggie's Journal

I folded a 9 X 12 heavy weight watercolor paper in half to make 4 pages back and front

                                                          My second page

My third page... I even took the liberties of signing my name just like Merello with line underneath it.

This was my last page and quite honestly, I could have kept painting Merello all day long!

Thanks Maggie for choosing such an inspiring artist to me, it was great fun working in your journal this year!

The next journal coming my way the end of July is Georgia O'Keeffe. Gemma chose the artist O'Keeffe and 
I can't wait to show you the pages I created for Gemma. Yes, I already completed them, one because I absolutely adore O'Keeffe and the other because I will be in the Artful Gathering Art Doll Class the next few weeks with Mary Jane Chadbourne and I plan to be busy creating some fabulous dolls! Stay tune for Georgia O'Keeffe pages soon and I will also be sharing what's going on at Artful Gathering!