Sunday, August 31, 2014


It's another month of Journal Rounds and this month I received a journal to do two pages in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. Painting a flower is like painting the smell of a flower, there is  so much more beauty there than one can possibly put onto canvas or paper... that is unless you are Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Trying to get into her vision and style one would almost have to shrink themselves and take a journey  inside the body of a flower.  Somethings are so beautiful sometimes you find yourself at a loss for words trying to describe it. That's how I find flowers, there is beauty, but there is so much more beauty than one can really express with words or paint.

 Georgia O'Keeffe is an American Artist and her creative vision of enlarged blossoms and New York buildings earned her the title as the Mother of American Modernism.

I thoroughly enjoyed my journey of creating these pages for my dear friend Gemma. I learned more about Georgia than I thought I knew and I found out that it 's very therapeutic to get lost in the petals of a flower.

This is the first page I made for Gemma. I added a little dancing lady in the center. The petals of her skirt flip open on both sides and I have added quotes to them and a message to Gemma!

This is my version of one of her poppy paintings.
Dance of the Poppies
I added a ballerina who is dancing inside this beautiful flower.
Georgia O'Keeffe had her own style and vision and often proclaimed
"I'll do as I please"

Quote on the side reads: "I've decided to and start anew and strip away what I've been taught"

My last page did not include flowers at all. Georgia O'Keeffe also painted buildings and a painting similar to this one with a women in a shaw with big hat. I decided to paint the women with a similar hat and shaw sitting on a park bench resting.

This is the inside of Gemma's back cover of which three of us have added to it. Next stop, Stephanie will finish it up. Lisa Wright made the bottom half a pocket so we could insert any notes to Gemma. Gemma's Journal is large and beautiful and in perfect keeping with the way that Georgia O'Keeffe paints her flowers.


  1. First! I want to say your art dolls are just too amazing for words!!! They are all so wonderful and whimsical...I can tell you adore making them, each one is exquisite. The workshop you are taking must be so much fun!
    I love your O'Keeffe pages too, especially the poppy and dancer and the woman on the park bench. All the pages are colorful and bold, just like Georgia painted. Gemma will love!

  2. Thank you Maggie so much! The workshop is over now, tomorrow is the last day, it has been great! I
    Am sure I will do it again next year! Love the O'Keeffe pages too and can relate to her , LOL, it's hard for me to stay on track with what I've been taught!

  3. FabUlous, as always! I love all the different elements to this, the flipping skirt, the lady with the hat and shawl, the poppy w it ALL! As always, you're leaving me with a really hard act to follow!
    I can't believe our travels are nearly complete!

  4. Oh wow Kim!! You've created so much beautiful and imaginative art. I loved working in this journal & I can tell you did too. I adore the dancing ladies in the flower, fab idea and like the way one has a skirt that opens to reveal a quote. The lady on the bench has a peacful beauty to her - this is such a special painting, it seems to have such a lovely energy to it as well as being pretty & vibrantly coloured. Fab, fab , fab my friend!! Hugs, Kat xx

  5. I am so stunned by your fantastic art work. At first I thought you were an assemblage artist which you are amazing at, but you dearest one, are a fabulous illustrator and fine art painter as well. Truly Brilliant. LOVE these pages so much Kim.

    1. Thank you Gemma, you are so kind. I am so glad you like them. Is any artist truly ever really satisfied with their work? I am always striving to do more, try more, which is why I have loved this years journal theme.. it has really challenged me to spread my wings! .. and I am so inspired by all of you..XOXO

  6. ballerinas and flowers just belong together!
    Oh Kim! so much to love here...the 'book' skirt! brilliant!!
    And then the woman on the park gosh, girl,
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Thank you Lisa, I try... it's easier when I untie my wings! :)
      Each journal this year has certainly challenged me to do that.:)

  7. Hi Kim! What a glorious post! It is hard to do justice to the beauty of flowers, but you have managed! How lovely your art is! I so admire it! Thank you for following my blog. I feel privileged to be able to drop by and speak with you about what you do and show my appreciation.

    1. Julie! HI! Thank you for coming by and leaving such a thoughtful message! I always love to see art friends here! I feel so honored to have met so many sweet inspiring friends in MJ's workshop. I am so happy we are connect via FB and will continue to share with each other. I hope you will stop in again sometime... I'll put on the tea! :)


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