Monday, November 3, 2014


I have passed the torch. The last journal pages of the year for me have passed through my studio and flying home to its rightful owner. Chagall marked the ending of another amazing year of the Magical Journal Journeys. It has been an honor and a challenge to work in these incredible art journals with such talented artists and friends. Each artist chose an artist for the theme of their journal. As the journals made their rounds, each artist completed two pages, back and front, in the artist chosen for that journal.  I have a new found respect for this artist and others that passed my way as I learned more about their lives and insight into their world. 

Chagall for instance is not an artist that I can say I was particularly fond of his work. In fact, to the eye, his work seems very simplistic and primary. When in actuality it is quite the opposite. I found his style to be very challenging to emulate and it didn't take me long to be captivated by his work.

Here are the two pages that I created for Stephanie's Journal. I loved that she made her journal in the shape of a house.

Windows for Jerusalem

Chagall journal should reach its final destination this week. Thank you each one of you for sharing your artist with me and allowing me to play in your journals. Its been another magical year and as I spend quite, happy  moments looking over each and every page of my own journal, I am thankful for each of you for leaving a piece of your HeART and SOUL with me!  

Happy Holidays to the amazing women of The Magical Journal Journeys and CHEERS TO ANOTHER YEAR AHEAD!