Friday, February 20, 2015


I love a little Zetti everyday!

We each have a few things on our list that we think we can't live without each day. I am sure that on the top of many lists would be coffee and maybe chocolate,.. maybe not in that order and probably not that short. To make my day the happiest and the most peaceful, I have to be in the process of creating something everyday. In the creative moment, or in the creative thought process. At any rate, that is the most peaceful place on the planet for me when I am in that mode.  

I started making these little Artist Trading Blocks when they were included in a workshop I took last summer for Art Dolls with Mary Jane Chadbourne over at Artful Gathering. I had so much fun making the art dolls that I never got around to making of the ATB's. Recently, a swap opened up for them among the same group that took the class and that gave me just the push I needed to get started making mine. Once I completed my two for the swap, I couldn't stop making them. The ideas are unlimited as to what you can do with them, but I really like these little whimsical girls and I call them "The Girls on the Block". They begin with a 2 1/2"X 31/2" block of wood. Mine are 3/14 inch thick, but I am in the process of making some 1 1/2" thick, currently a work in progress.

 Flowers are people too!  I totally stole this phrase from my friend Lisa who made me a beautiful journal page of a sunflower face that says: "Sunflowers are people too" Love you Lisa.  

I like to complete all sides of the block, and adding beads and feet is another addition that gives each block their own personality. I am not sure when I will get stop making these, they are so much fun. I have some listed in my Etsy shop and each one is so hard to let go! :) Take a peek in my Etsy shop. I am listing more as I make them and soon will be adding another exciting feature with these girls!

 Thank you for stopping by! Wishing you Creative Magic everyday and New Found Joys!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


                                                                A Tiny Song Fills My SOUL

Something I've been working on lately.. Artists trading blocks. I am totally in love with them. These are the first  of many I will make this year, I'm sure of it. They are little blocks of wood, 31/2" by 21/2" - 1/2" to 3/4" thick. I have always been a paper addict, but there is something wonderful about working with wood and even holding that smooth sanded little block in my hand makes me feel a little more connected with nature.

These little blocks don't take an enormous amount of time and can bring so much joy, not only in the making of them, but in the giving of them. It's also fun to join in swaps with other artists.

Artist Trading Blocks can be made to hang, stand, (as mine do here) or you can display them on little art easels that can be purchased from a variety of art supply places or Amazon.

 This is one that I just recently made for a swap in The Imaginarium - Anthology of an Art Doll Group on Face Book. Anthology of an Art Doll was a workshop I took last summer over at ARTFUL GATHERING with instructor Mary Jane Chadbourne. I look forward to seeing what wonderful workshops will be offered at Artful Gathering this summer. If you are interested, you should check them out. You can register now. (see the button on my side bar)

 "Have you seen my Peanuts?"  is one of my favorites. I love Circus themes. This one was also for a swap in The Imaginarium - Anthology of an Art Doll Group.

                                                         ( Back Side)

These little works of art are so addictive to make. You can find a lot of the images I use at ART TEA LIFE on Etsy.

                                                         I Dreamt I was the QUEEN

                                                                       And so she WAS!

 This is one of my favorites. Another circus themed one. FORTUNE TELLER. The Key is a Tim Holtz product and can be found the SHOPPE  at STAMPINGTON.  

                                                                SIDE VIEW

                                                          HER LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN

 This is one that I gifted to Kelli and Pearl Button, her little dog. Funny how sometimes when we create something, we have no idea at the time, the journey it will take. This ATB had her name written all over it. It brings me such JOY to share my art!

Thank you for stopping by!  I just ordered some chunky blocks that are a little thicker, if you check back, I will share those here too!