Monday, April 27, 2015


 This is my second round of making these Jumbo Art Wooden Clothespins. The first round came about because I was participating in a swap that involved creating one jumbo clothespin for another person and receiving one back from that person. They looked like a lot of fun to make so in ordering mine, I ordered six of them simply because it was cheaper than ordering just one.

 I love handmade items to gift and I knew I could add them to my Etsy shop for something different so I didn't mind the extra's. I was however, very surprised after adding them that they sold within the first few hours and then came the request from friends and family who missed out on them... so that sent me back for another order. The images on these pins came from Art Tea Life on Etsy and from Paper Whimsey.
  I don't know how on earth I managed to find the time to make more of these, but when it comes right down to it, I think we can all find time for something we love. Life is so full of Sweet Pleasures.

My second round of clothespins arrived in the  mail and I have been working steadily to complete them. I have my gifted ones and requested ones set aside and these are the ones that will be offered in my shop. Upon ordering them again, I found to my surprise that they also have these GIANT clothespins, 3" taller than the 6" JUMBO ones. I wasn't sure how I would like them so I only ordered three of them. The quality was just as good and I have to say that I love them as much, if not more. They will definitely take on more papers or hold bigger items and they would make great little signs for your studio or any office that has a check in window! 
 Thinking that my wonderful vet's office and my local Carti center might need one of these at their window! Also a fun place to leave notes for your kids! Making my second round of them, all kinds of ideas came to mind.

This is the back side to the one above. I like to use a colors complimented by whimsey, humor and encouraging words. The back side is the perfect place to personalize the clothespin with quotes, words, or something special pertaining to the receiver.


 I sand and paint each piece first with a variety of colors and then depending on the collage I use, I add more paint to the clothespin that compliments the colors used in the collage.


 Art is a great tool to use your VOICE and to share something you believe in with others.

 "Love More" was one of my favorites and "I Art for Cake", I mean sometimes, all we need is Cake!

 This is a sample of some of the Art I put on the backsides. (From the ones above). I never make the same one twice, so it's always fun to see how each one turns out.
This one sits next to my coffee pot as if anyone needs a reminder at my house! :)
 I made this one for my desk because it speaks to ME. It took me a long time to "BE FEARLESS", to let go of those voices that hold you back. Now I create without a thought of what if's or who cares. I pour out my creativity with Joy and I fly without Wings! There is a great freedom in celebrating what comes from your Soul.
I added the word on front..
"UNSTOPPABLE".. and I love this quote: 
"She was unstoppable, Not because she did not have failures or doubts, But because she continued despite them." *Beau Taplin

 Thank you special whoever you are for stopping in to take a peek. I cherish your comments, so don't go away without saying "Hello". 


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