Sunday, April 12, 2015


I am always on the search for old watercolor paint tins. Recently while strolling through shops on Etsy, I didn't find any watercolor tins that caught my eye but I did find these jewels from Melissa at SawDustGideon. Antique and rusty old items are in her blood. Her father owned an antique business in upstate New York. I wish I could meet the artist and see the works that came from these brushes.

Melissa offers a variety of old and unique treasures where I also found this:
I am not sure exactly what this lens was used for, but it is marked Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. and Patented Jan.6, 1891 (maybe 1897, hard to read), Rapid Rectilinear, Eastman Kodak Company. It looked really interesting for an art project or great steampunk piece. When I see a unique item that sparks my imagination and it's within my budget, I like to pick it up. I may not know what I am going to do with it at the time, but I know I will find a use for it on one of my vacation days.

By vacation days, I don't mean the days that I take off from work and actually go somewhere, I mean the days that I take a vacation from my  normal, from the world and just go to my studio without a plan. Those are the most refreshing days, the days that I am not committed to a commission, or a deadline. I love those "free" days like you had when you were a kid with nothing in mind, just exploring and going with  whatever comes to your mind at the time.

I sat down with this purchase from Melissa's shop,  and just starting playing with it and this is what happened. All of the pieces to make this came from bits and bobs from my stash piles. 

Do ever wish you had paid more attention to the recipe that Aunt Mary gave you when you where a child? Do you wish that you remembered why you pushed brother Billy down the hill? Do you wish you could re-visit your childhood memories or maybe just remember what you did last week or where you put something yesterday? 

Then by all means, you need my Memory Machine! You get 3 memories for 8 cents. Guaranteed to be the only one in the world and one of a kind. Whether it works or not is up to YOU. 

Its so important to have "Play" time, unscheduled time just for you to do whatever you enjoy, unplanned and maybe just seeking out something different , doing the un-normal and seeing what developes. It's good to be an explorer for your Soul, for your well being.
 As we get older, it;s good to have a Memory Machine, right? Who knows, maybe one day!

Play time must be over, I think I hear the whistle my dad used to blow,  awwwh, just five more minutes!!

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  1. I love your imaginative fantastical "memory machine" - inspired!!! Great post too - that time to play & explore is so important & creatively liberating. Hugs xx


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