Tuesday, August 11, 2015


When time permits, I love to browse Etsy shops just to see what's new on the horizon. That is when I saw this reproduction of an antique Santos Cage Doll. I didn't mind that she was a reproduction and that there would be others just like her for sale, because as soon as I saw her, visions of Sugar Plums danced in my head. I knew right away that I as going to alter her entire appearance and that there would be only one just like her when I was finished.

This is her original appearance when I purchased her. She was not meant to be altered, this is what she would have looked like in her day. I just envisioned her to look a little more saintly, more distressed, chippy and regal. I had no idea what I was going to do but that is the kind of projects I love. She stands 22" tall with her crown.

The first thing I did was to give her a good sanding all over rubbing off the original color different places and leaving patches here and there including her face. Then I went to town with paint and then more sanding. I altered her eyes to make them bigger and used a bit of antiquing in places on her face and other areas of her body to make her look older. The best part was using crackle heavy in areas so that it would even chip and crack off.

Her crown was part of a larger crown that I cut and made smaller adding jewels, antiqued crosses and jewelry findings, then antiquing the entire crown after it was finished.

Her breast plate is a gold Dresden embossed foil cut out that was gifted to me by a sweet friend in a pocket page. I never antiqued one before but I think it came out beautiful and looks like it might be bronze or metal. 

I added a vintage rosary with crystals and a necklace I made with a vintage looking locket and a very old skeleton key with a diamond cuff.

 I found these awesome tin wings at "A Vintage Season" on Etsy. I antiqued them as well and I was really pleased with the results and how well they fit her. The butterfly is also a Dresden foil that I antiqued.

 I already had this awesome metal ex-voto flaming heart on a stand that fit perfectly in her cage, adding a little gold leaf to the flame.



Thank you for stopping in and checking out my latest project. 
I hope you will visit again soon, there are some "Zetti Birds flying around my studio right now!