Tuesday, October 27, 2015


It all started with this mat I purchased from Teesha Moore. 
It is not as big as a standard place mat and it's much larger than a coaster, which is one of the things I truly love about it. Once I received it, I knew I wanted a bazillion of them all over my house. The perfect  size for drinks and other things, great for my studio work table, coffee table, breakfast bar, night stand, all over the house and yet still perfect to set a plate on for the dining or kitchen table.  I also knew that not being independently wealthy, a "bazillion" of them would cost me a fortune, so then . . . 

This happened. . . 

I am not great seamstress by any means and sewing alone proves to be a great challenge for me as my machine and I are still quite foreign to each other. The best thing about these  Art Pads  is that they don't have to be perfect. I actually love them with all their little imperfections; not all lines are straight, some have little strings here and there and if you mess up too bad on your lines, the more you sew on them the better they look. They were actually a JOY to make with each one being different and unplanned, just putting pieces of material together as I went. 

I like to surround myself with things that inspire me and make me happy. These Art Pads are colorful and imperfect, a lot like a collage (Inspiring). Useful, and reminds me of journal pages (Happy). 

Teesha encouraged me to try making them. I am pretty proud of them since my sewing machine is still quite foreign to me. I do love the results and it is a lot like doing a fabric collage.

Thank you for stopping and I hope you do something YOU Love today!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


My birds are singing songs of Joy and so am I. More orders are flying in and Zetti birds are hatching all over my studio! No complaints here, I love and adore making them.
When I think of Zetti, I think of magical, whimsical, other worlds, possibilities, childlike fun, and of course Teesha Moore, my Zetti hero.  It wasn‘t until I first saw Teesha Moore’s art that I knew there was a name for the kind of art that “doodlers” do when their mind is allowed to roam free. I have always found it very hard to sit still if my mind is not completely absorbed in what I am doing. So when I find myself in an environment where I must sit still and quiet, I am most likely drawing and doodling on whatever paper I can find in front of me. When I first learned of the art of Zetti, I was mesmerized and completely in love with this magical playground.  

“Zetti Birds are birds of another feather”. I never duplicate any of my work, and most of my Zetti birds will always have a spot somewhere on their perch where I can write an encouraging quote or scripture.  It’s certainly my desire that my Zetti bird assemblages will be admired for the amazing art of Zetti , but I hope they will also bring encouragement, inspiration and joy to the receiver of  them. The world is definitely a changing place and every day I see people who are tired, their bags are heavy, their load is big and that can sometimes make you feel very small and insignificant.  I have learned by sharing my art with others that “Little things are truly BIG”. 

Some of these birds are available in my Etsy shop and some are flying to a new home. More birds are nesting on my work table waiting for completion and will be flying out to new destinations very soon. 

More random Fall posts coming... I hope your Fall is beautiful, full of good change and Joy! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I am so behind on my blog and happy and thrilled to the Moon that Fall has arrived. Brisk air, Fall colors, stars, happy smells and attitude adjustments are happening everywhere! So much to take in and love about Fall and all that follows her!  I am busy to my ears in the studio and loving it and I will be quick posting Fall happenings at random to share what's going on in my part of the world.

I finished the covers (back and front) of two art journals and now they are ready to play in. I am not sure how most people do it, but I like to do my covers first instead of last. Looking at the covers seem to invite and inspire me to open up the books and play!

                                     This is the front of one

                                          And the back side 

                 Number two art journal cover

        And the backside of number two art journal..
    I truly believe that "Honey does make the world go around" 

Some elements used from Teesha Moore, Mischief Circus/Nancy Baumiller, and Art Tea Life.

Thank you ever so much for stopping by.
Check by soon for more Fall Happenings!! XO