Wednesday, December 2, 2015


It's funny when I purchased these Curious Angel wood kits from Paper Whimsy, I knew just what I had in mind to do with them. The first one was right on course with what I imagined and then all of the SUDDEN, my Curious Angels  took a different turn. One of them turned into Frida and the other one, My Muse!  I must admit it's very difficult for me to stay on course when I am creating. Once I have completed an idea, another one is following right behind it. I am not sure how Frida and My Muse got in there, but I'm kind of loving them!  It just goes to show you that you never know where you are going when you just let go!

This angel was inspired by a challenge from the Relics and Artifacts group on Facebook using one of Sandra Evertson's designs. 

She is called: Grace , the GR on the heart stands for "Grace Received".
 Her face is from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I love the variety of faces and other images there. Another one of my favorite go to places.
 For the hanger, I used part of a vintage rosary necklace which I think really adds to the angel.

And then Frida took over.....  I had this Frida face from Retro Cafe Art Gallery (as well as the words on her skirt) that I was dying to use and that's where it all started.      

 She is always irresistible
to create with. I love so much about Frida.

She is hand painted with added collage work and stands freely.
I added these words on her skirt which reflect a lot about Frida and how I felt making her.
"And suddenly she knew something, and it made her feel wonderful about life itself"

 Then this happened! She was just as much fun to make as the others, but she really stole my heart. She is full of zetti and whimsy and is completely fearless. The words on her skirt are from CrowAbout Studio B which says: " Honor the Truth" and her apron says: "Take you where it will". She was totally inspired by this:

 A round wooden piece of advertisement from a cigar box that was gifted to me by a friend. I left the edges on the back with the original wording and then added my own in the middle that says: "Enjoy the Journey", and I did.

 She made me smile and my eyes sparkle so I named her "Twinkle" (artful words from Crowabout Studio B.

Thank you for being here today and sharing in my angel journeys!

Much Love, and "Twinkle, Twinkle" 


  1. Just amazing Kim. How DO you do it? These are all just totally mind boggling to me. Wow are they wonderful.... yes... yes... they are. I cannot decide which one is my favorite.... the first one or the last one. The last one is more my usual like - the quirkiness, the bright colors, the sentiment... but I am totally drawn to GRACE... so I think I will choose her. Frida is probably what I would consider the most "perfect" of the three and she is truly gorgeous but she just doesn't "touch" me like the other two! All three are wonderful - for sure!!! j.

    1. Thank YOU Joi! I truly had fun with each one of them. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your kind comments!!

  2. This post is a feast for the eyes!
    I love the serenity of your angel and then scrolling down, the colours POP as I view that amazing Frida doll. I hadn't noticed the words before, absolute perfection.
    Kim, I view your art and say to myself that in 2016, I need to become more free with my use of colour and approach to art because this is just so inspirational. Such a pity it is nearing bedtime in my wee corner of the world because I want to go and create ART :)

  3. Thank you Lynne. I had to giggle because I don't go near my studio when it is time for bed or I suddenly have this burst of energy and end up in there all night when I should be sleeping! Though, sometimes, you just have too!! :)

  4. Kim, you are an angel! And congrats on being in the new Somerset Gallery. ;)

  5. Fabulous angels!! I thought I could pick a favorite,but,I think not! each is so full of uniqueness and special qualities! I am glad that you just let your muse take over and play! I believe our best pieces come from there!

  6. Oooo, the Frida creation is so colorful and whimsical. And I really like the "twinkle" art, that's fantastic!'

    I'm so glad that you got the "do your best" cup at Anthropologie. Every time I go in there, I always find something that I like, especially the tea cups.

    Enjoy this special Christmas season, Kim.


  7. I LOVE Angels! Thanks for your visit!

  8. Oh my !! they are gorgeous all 3 of them, from the beautiful madonna angel, to Frida, and your amazing muse, Kim.
    Dorthe, x


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