Sunday, February 28, 2016

January and February Journal Pages

January and February, where did they go? I decided to take the year long journal challenge posted by Stampington on Instagram. I miss working in my journals, other things seem to call me away these days so I figured what better way to keep me on track other than a challenge to create a page a month. 
 January's challenge is to create a page celebrating new beginnings. I chose to create a page representing the coming of Spring which brings beauty, new birth, and the hope of new beginnings.

 The wording which extends to two pages reads:       "Seeking everyday Beauty"  
"Happy little birds were singing all around of speckled eggs the birdie sings, and nests among the trees; The Sailor sings of ropes and things, in ships among the seas."
 Every story has an ending ~ every ending is a new beginning

 February prompt was to use RED, PINK and WHITE

 "I need this moment to be mine, so I will know if I am brave enough to be alone."

The paper quote was gifted to me by a friend and is from Virginia Woolf, The Lighthouse. 
"For now she need not think of anybody. She could be herself, by herself. And that was what she often felt the need of - to think, well not even to think. To be silent, to be alone. All the being and the doing, expansive, glittering, vocal, evaporated; and one shrunk, with a sense of solemnity, to be oneself, a wedge-shaped cope of darkness, something invisible to others... and this self having shed its attachments was free for the strangest adventures."

 There is not greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you~

 Now on to March which will bring wind and new adventures and a new journal prompt to "doodle".

  Wishing you JOY today!


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Evidence of Fairies

In 2012, I did post on "Where do Fairies Live?" Well since that post, I have been collecting evidence that prove fairies do exit. Exploring the forest and woods are some of my favorite things to do. Fairy houses can be found the deeper you go into the forest where it is less likely that humans will run or play. On my walks, I am very careful as not to disturb any little houses or gardens I may come across. It is important to be respectful of fairies because they are our friends and they are caretakers of all God's creatures that live in the forest.

 If you walk at night, you may think you are seeing fireflies, but in all likelihood, it is fairies who delight in coming out at night among all the flowers and woodland animals.
 These are some of the houses I have seen, they are warm and homey like ours, only tiny and easy to step on if you are not careful. You probably would never see them unless you have a keen eye.

 Some fairies like to cover their houses in moss so they are not so easily seen. Others like to build their houses in trees.

 All fairy houses have the cutest little doors. Never disturb a house you see even if it looks vacant because fairies don't show themselves to humans.

 I came across this a colorful path with acorn lanterns that is sure to welcome other fairies to the little teepee garden area I found below.
 Sometimes you will see a light on but if you get too close it disappears.

I never pick up stones or moss in the forest because I know that fairies rely on them for their houses. Sometimes I will even pick up tiny branches and leave them as a peace offering for allowing me to view their beautiful habitats.

On one of my excursions, I came across a tree with many doors, almost like a fairy hotel... could it be possible?


 Looks like I stumbled upon two adorable fairy retreats.

 I hope you will take time out of your ordinary days and take walks in the forest and be mindful of the beauty and creatures that exit there and know what a gift it is that we might even catch a glimpse of their world.
 Possible? Not possible? ..... if you believe, everything is "possible".

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


My little dancing man was made from one of the "Amazing Alterables" I purchased from Paper Whimsy. I completely altered it from an Angel to a whimsical dancing man. Face image and butterfly is from Art Tea Life on Etsy.
                       "Dance Because You Can"
I am a believer in re-purposing your bad day into a good day, because after all, it's always a good day when you can dance.

The letters used in the box are from Crowabout StudioB over at Mischief Circus.

                   His arms are posable and he stands 15" tall

    There are friend quotes on each side of his box

He is attached to a stand that I painted black and antiqued with a copper rub. If you cLick on the tab on my home page that says: Inspiration, it will take you to some of my favorite places.

 Thank you for stopping in and viewing my dancing man. I hope you have a blessed day and most of all I hope you DANCE!

Monday, February 22, 2016


I finished my second wooden Rocket Ship birdhouse and it's ready for blast off to my Etsy shop as soon as I get it sealed and sprayed with a few minor things here and there before lift off. I am always happy to see something different and extra happy when I get the opportunity to play with them creatively.  I added a bird to the top of this rocket ship because, ...well, everything is better with a bird on it.. right? 

It's as cute as a rocket ship can be! 

Below are some additional photos showing some of the words and phrases added.

It stands 15" tall and 6 " wide.
Decorative only.

               Let this journey be the ride of your life ....

                                                          Follow your Heart

                          Shine Brightly

            There could be DONUTS on the Moon

               Home is where you hang your Art

                Dinner at the Moon Bar and Grill

              Going to the Moon in my Rocket Ship

 My first rocket ship is already sold and this is the last one (I only had two). It may take me a while to get it listed, this is a busy time for me, but if you have an interest in it, just send me a message. Thank you for stopping by today... LOVE YOU to the MOON and BACK!