Thursday, February 25, 2016

Evidence of Fairies

In 2012, I did post on "Where do Fairies Live?" Well since that post, I have been collecting evidence that prove fairies do exit. Exploring the forest and woods are some of my favorite things to do. Fairy houses can be found the deeper you go into the forest where it is less likely that humans will run or play. On my walks, I am very careful as not to disturb any little houses or gardens I may come across. It is important to be respectful of fairies because they are our friends and they are caretakers of all God's creatures that live in the forest.

 If you walk at night, you may think you are seeing fireflies, but in all likelihood, it is fairies who delight in coming out at night among all the flowers and woodland animals.
 These are some of the houses I have seen, they are warm and homey like ours, only tiny and easy to step on if you are not careful. You probably would never see them unless you have a keen eye.

 Some fairies like to cover their houses in moss so they are not so easily seen. Others like to build their houses in trees.

 All fairy houses have the cutest little doors. Never disturb a house you see even if it looks vacant because fairies don't show themselves to humans.

 I came across this a colorful path with acorn lanterns that is sure to welcome other fairies to the little teepee garden area I found below.
 Sometimes you will see a light on but if you get too close it disappears.

I never pick up stones or moss in the forest because I know that fairies rely on them for their houses. Sometimes I will even pick up tiny branches and leave them as a peace offering for allowing me to view their beautiful habitats.

On one of my excursions, I came across a tree with many doors, almost like a fairy hotel... could it be possible?


 Looks like I stumbled upon two adorable fairy retreats.

 I hope you will take time out of your ordinary days and take walks in the forest and be mindful of the beauty and creatures that exit there and know what a gift it is that we might even catch a glimpse of their world.
 Possible? Not possible? ..... if you believe, everything is "possible".


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