Tuesday, February 2, 2016


                 Those are words I love to hear, especially when it is "MAIL ART". Who doesn't like to receive an envelope that has someone has taken the time to make it extra special.

 Anyone, any age can do Mail Art. It can range from your own drawings and words to cutting and pasting pictures and words from magazine. You can even add paint, embellishments, washi tape, fabric and even sewing your own envelope.

It would be totally against my grain to send a package or envelope that did not have a little extra love added to it.
I love that  Mail Art represents that person, their feelings, their heart, their creative vision and their likes and loves. It is very individual to the person, so all mail art is very different and unigue.
I never met a piece of mail art I didn't love.

Letting go of perfect is the ultimate gift to yourself. You completely free yourself to think outside the box and to try new things.

I water my Dreams everyday because Dreams are important.

I treat myself like a Queen because I am important.

I don't always get what I want, but I will never stop chasing my Dreams, they are part of My Story.

I am born to give Thanks to this life of abundance.
Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to "Happy Up your Mail", it will make you Happy too!


  1. You inspire me--I was going to buy a card to send to my grand daughter for her birthday--and I had really forgotten how much fun it is to make a fabulous envelope and card--and I know she would appreciate it.

  2. Thank you Janet, i know she would love to have a card and Happy Mail from you!!! My grandchildren look forward to it and save them all, not to mention how fun they are to make for me! Enjoy!!!

  3. Oh what great mail art you make Kim!! I absolutely love your array of quotes you have added-to be one of the receivers, WOW! I am sure you make a ton of people smile when this hits the mail!

    1. Thank you Jackie! They are pure joy for me to make!!

  4. You also inspire me too Kim! I love your mail art! So awesome!

    1. Thank you Kelly!!! I also see you purchased from my shop. It's always such an honor to me when someone purchases my work!! She will be on her way to you shortly! I will send you an email when she is on her way to you!!

  5. I especially like the last card.

  6. Kim
    I've never really embraced mail art, the making of it yet whenever I receive a piece it makes a Happy Mail day so much happier. The attention you placed into each piece is inspirational, the colours, the imagery, completely awe inspiring.

  7. Thank you Lynne for your kind comment! Making Mail art is as much the same as the gift to me knowing that it makes people smile and let's them know how special they are to me! Your cards and your creations are so inspiring to me!!

  8. Loved seeing your mail art, Kim. I enjoy doing it too, but I go in spurts. I do better to do a bunch of envies at once than one at a time. How do you do them? My last set were done from old x-rays. Now that was a fun recycle. You gotta know doctors throw them out all the time.


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