Wednesday, March 23, 2016


                What's on your Work Desk today?

Today is What's on your work desk Wednesday over at Julia's place. My desk is pretty clear today. I just finished up a project that you can see on the post below this one. I was energized to clean up my space, up coming vacation will do that for you! This is Spring Break so you won't see anything on my work space until next Wednesday. If you want to take a peek at what others have going on click below and it will take you to Julia's place....Happy Easter to All.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world."  *Harriet Truman

Before assembling this Large Divine Antiquity Shrine from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, I arranged the the pieces and images that I intended to use on my work space. I wanted the top of the shrine to be the inspiration point so I tried many different images and embellishments until I found this Ornate Vintage Lace Keyhole Heart. It was just the inspiration I needed. When I added the word Dreamer, I knew just where I was going with this shrine.

                                         Dreamers Come In 

I painted a doll house window frame that I found in my stash and glued the Moon and another piece of paper where I wrote the words, "Dreamers Come In" behind the frame. The rounded words 
on the bottom say, "When the Moon Plays Hide and Seek." I added the word "Blessings" above the frame.

 I have been in a bit of a John Lennon mood this month so I added 
the words on the back by John that says: "They say I am a Dreamer, 
but I'm not the only one."

To start this project, I laid all my pieces out and began gluing together the base of my shrine with wood glue.

I cut my paper and glued them to the individual pieces before gluing all the pieces together. 

 Next, I paint the places that will not be covered by paper on the front.

After painting the selected areas with paint and paper, I decided to add some texture to the front of the shrine. For this I mixed gold acrylic paint with Liquitex Molding paste and used a stencil. I glued the heart and the window frame to the shrine to finish the 
front side.

 Once I finished the front and let everything dry, I turned all the pieces over and repeated the paper and paint to the backside adding 
words with a White Signo Gel Pen to black washi tape.

When everything was dry, I assembled all the pieces together with wood glue. 

Items used in this tutorial:
Large Divine Antiquity Shrine
Ornate Vintage Lace Keyhole Heart
Doll House Window Frame
Black Washi Tape
White Gel Pen
Wood Glue
Molding Paste
Acrylic Paint
Variety of Art Papers 

                     "Blessings to all the Dreamers in the World"
I know I'm not the only one. :)

Sunday, March 13, 2016


I am a Dreamer which I consider to be a valuable gift. I don't have to live in ancient times to collect beautiful treasures from the past. If I can dream them, I can make them, all thanks to Sandra Evertson's /Prima Marketing's inspirational line of Relics and Artifacts, and so can you! 
Broken fragments of beauty, medals, Mexican Milagros,Roman Intaglios and carved treasures all handcrafted into resin blanks ready for you to create and fill your treasure chest with timeless beauties and stories from your own journeys to the past. 

Filling my treasure chest is a work in progress, just like Dreams take time, I keep projects on a special table in my studio where I sit and work on them off and on as time permits me too. As soon as I finish one piece, that piece inspires me for another. Like I said,... on going process, which I love. There is also a Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook. The inspiration there is overflowing and the members are so encouraging and supportive of one another. This will be a little bit of a long post but I will add a few interesting notes about each one.

This particular piece is a combination of one of The Flaming Hearts from the Rising Spirit Archival Cast and The Regalis. I love the combination of the two. I am pretty sure this piece was owned by a Knight!


I painted it with several different colors to achieve the different hues and then added Teal and Copper Mica Powders by Finnabair.
 I had in my supply from Retro Cafe Art Gallery some of the Dresden Foil circles and different shapes and I cut them up to use as I needed on each piece. They just add to the regal look.
Last, I added some jeweled embellishments I had in my own stash along with the brass wings and crosses which are actually brads (I cut the brads off) from RCAG.

 I especially love the brass scarab on this one. I painted him, used some inka gold and copper mica powder to make him look vintage and then added a jewel to his back since they actually do have illuminating jeweled colors on their bodies which made
them so desirable for jewelry.They are associated with old Egypt which used the scarab for important religious symbols and they have been worshiped in various ways from prehistory.

 This is another of my favorites I created combining different pieces together. The body is from the Regalis Archival Cast and the flame and eye from the Rising Spirit Archival Cast. I wanted to make this one look more like carved stone because of all the beautiful detail on it.

 This one was inspired by my stash, one of the reasons I just pick up little bits and bobs here and there that I love. Again, I added the foil Dresden pieces and some fabric trim around the edges. I painted with Robin Egg blue and then used the Teal Mica Powder by Finnabair on the finish. I added rosary beads for the necklace as each piece comes with a eye attached that you can keep or unscrew and remove if you don't wish to use it as a necklace.

 I created this one again based on an embellishment that I purchased thinking I might use it on one of the Relics and Artifacts. I really like the results of the silver and gold together, something I image would have been greatly sought after in early times.


 Nothing sweeter than a Guardian Angel. This is a combination of two pieces glue together from the Regalis Archival Cast. I added brass wings that I cut in half and glued in the middle before putting together. Since each piece had a ring to add a necklace, I added a rosary necklace to one and a found jewelry piece to the other. 

The angel on top is a antique porcelain doll found in a ruin in Germany.

 I might add that all the background paper on these photos are the free art pages that are included in every issue of Somerset Studio Magazine. They are always beautiful and they make perfect photo back drops.

 Sandra Evertson said this one reminded her of Mercury... so I looked him up. Mercury (mythology).
Mercurius (Hermes) - The God of financial gain, commerce, messages/communication, travelers,boundries, luck, trickery and thieves. I love it.

 If you are here today, please leave a message and I hope I have inspired you to join our the Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook.. where treasures await you!


I am a big fan of Finnabair and the products by Prima Marketing. While sorting through some of my husbands old Rolling Stone magazines, I came across some vintage John Lennon photos from the 70's. That's when I decided it was time to retrieve the frame that has been lurking in my closet waiting for an idea to emerge. The Finnabair rusty metal Mechanicals and Steampunk embellishments that I ordered from Retro Cafe Art Gallery worked perfectly for this piece as well as the Rising Spirit Archival Cast by Sandra Evertson, also ordered from RCAG. I am quite pleased with the way it turned out. I am waiting for the new products to get my way especially the set of Rust Paste. Their new paints are also awesome and can be ordered from RCAG.

You can see by this photo that I used a vintage eye glass monocle and two rusty screw embellishments by Finnabair.

Most of the embellishments here were purchased from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, they have an amazing abundance of cool supplies. The rusty pocket frame by Finnabair is where I added John Lennon's photo. The back comes off and you can use it a variety of ways. The Peace sign is a vintage metal button. The words are from the article where I found the photo's and the wood piece I added as a nice addition to the metal leaf. This was my first time to use Finnabair's micro beads and the micro powders, both of which are awesome. I was lacking the paint (which I plan to order from RCAG) but the acrylic paint I had worked fine here after applying a layer of white and black gesso.

I couldn't resist adding one of Sandra's Relics and Artifacts and the Rising Spirit was perfect for my piece. I used an ivory white paint with some copper mica powder and I added some dried bark moss that I found on one of my walks (yes, I gather supplies from everywhere I go) which I think added nice texture. The edges turn brown on their own after adding paint.

 I think this may be one of my favorite pieces for a lot of reasons.

If you haven't checked out RCAG, that's a MUST as is Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts and of course, Finnabair. My next post will be on some of the Relics and Artifacts I just completed. I had someone just tell me recently that they would like to try the Relics and Artifacts but they didn't think they would be good at it.. I alway refer to one of my favorite quotes (on my side bar), "All things are difficult before they are easy". I have a lot to learn using most new products, but I won't know unless I begin. Relics and Artifacts are very easy to use and truly if you just let them guide you and listen to your own voice, you will love what you make and then the ideas just start flowing. I guarantee love and addiction.

Happy Creating!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


This is what my desk looks like most of the time 

 in my Dreams!

This is what it actually looks like most of the time below! I still prefer my desk... the first picture, although beautiful to look at, it doesn't look like much happy creativity goes on there on a regular basis.
I have boxes of supplies and things under my table because it's handy where I can grab them. To the right of my desk I have a flat screen where I love to watch tutorials, HGTV and Downton Abbey, which I will soooo miss now!

I am still working on Journal pages, which is an on going process for me. If not journal pages, then you can be assured that some other project is in progress.

My space just seems to get smaller and smaller, but I am extremely grateful for it and the big window opens out to trees where I can see the squirrels and birds.
This is the table that I originally put up behind my desk to do mail out packaging etc. but now I that do that in the dining room because this (temporary table, haha) is now used for other projects I have  started or in the process of.

Right now, I am working on tags and bunches of Relics and Artifacts as well as an assemblage using some of the Finnabair products for the first time. I'll let you know how that all goes once I have started it.

That's all for my Wednesday desk review.
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Wishing you all a very creative week and weekend!