Sunday, March 13, 2016


I am a Dreamer which I consider to be a valuable gift. I don't have to live in ancient times to collect beautiful treasures from the past. If I can dream them, I can make them, all thanks to Sandra Evertson's /Prima Marketing's inspirational line of Relics and Artifacts, and so can you! 
Broken fragments of beauty, medals, Mexican Milagros,Roman Intaglios and carved treasures all handcrafted into resin blanks ready for you to create and fill your treasure chest with timeless beauties and stories from your own journeys to the past. 

Filling my treasure chest is a work in progress, just like Dreams take time, I keep projects on a special table in my studio where I sit and work on them off and on as time permits me too. As soon as I finish one piece, that piece inspires me for another. Like I said,... on going process, which I love. There is also a Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook. The inspiration there is overflowing and the members are so encouraging and supportive of one another. This will be a little bit of a long post but I will add a few interesting notes about each one.

This particular piece is a combination of one of The Flaming Hearts from the Rising Spirit Archival Cast and The Regalis. I love the combination of the two. I am pretty sure this piece was owned by a Knight!


I painted it with several different colors to achieve the different hues and then added Teal and Copper Mica Powders by Finnabair.
 I had in my supply from Retro Cafe Art Gallery some of the Dresden Foil circles and different shapes and I cut them up to use as I needed on each piece. They just add to the regal look.
Last, I added some jeweled embellishments I had in my own stash along with the brass wings and crosses which are actually brads (I cut the brads off) from RCAG.

 I especially love the brass scarab on this one. I painted him, used some inka gold and copper mica powder to make him look vintage and then added a jewel to his back since they actually do have illuminating jeweled colors on their bodies which made
them so desirable for jewelry.They are associated with old Egypt which used the scarab for important religious symbols and they have been worshiped in various ways from prehistory.

 This is another of my favorites I created combining different pieces together. The body is from the Regalis Archival Cast and the flame and eye from the Rising Spirit Archival Cast. I wanted to make this one look more like carved stone because of all the beautiful detail on it.

 This one was inspired by my stash, one of the reasons I just pick up little bits and bobs here and there that I love. Again, I added the foil Dresden pieces and some fabric trim around the edges. I painted with Robin Egg blue and then used the Teal Mica Powder by Finnabair on the finish. I added rosary beads for the necklace as each piece comes with a eye attached that you can keep or unscrew and remove if you don't wish to use it as a necklace.

 I created this one again based on an embellishment that I purchased thinking I might use it on one of the Relics and Artifacts. I really like the results of the silver and gold together, something I image would have been greatly sought after in early times.


 Nothing sweeter than a Guardian Angel. This is a combination of two pieces glue together from the Regalis Archival Cast. I added brass wings that I cut in half and glued in the middle before putting together. Since each piece had a ring to add a necklace, I added a rosary necklace to one and a found jewelry piece to the other. 

The angel on top is a antique porcelain doll found in a ruin in Germany.

 I might add that all the background paper on these photos are the free art pages that are included in every issue of Somerset Studio Magazine. They are always beautiful and they make perfect photo back drops.

 Sandra Evertson said this one reminded her of Mercury... so I looked him up. Mercury (mythology).
Mercurius (Hermes) - The God of financial gain, commerce, messages/communication, travelers,boundries, luck, trickery and thieves. I love it.

 If you are here today, please leave a message and I hope I have inspired you to join our the Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook.. where treasures await you!


  1. Beautiful pieces. I enjoyed reading about each one and I can totally see how the last piece reminds Sandra of Mercury. :D

  2. Truly magnificent treasures there! Such a precious Guardian Angel.

  3. Wow, gorgeous. Love the colors and shapes and ancient look!

  4. Wow Kim! Each piece is a gorgeous piece of art!

  5. Kim, I am in a dreamlike state after viewing this post. To study, one after the other, of your beautifully transformed Relics and Artifacts, it was an absolute treat. The colours on each and the precious details, it is alchemy!
    I am completely in awe of you!

  6. Kim, Just wonderful pieces you have created! Each as beautiful as the last!
    Congratulations again on your appointment to RAC- your artwork is so deserving of being shown up front,close & personal! xo

  7. Kim, you are just an amazing artist! I agree with Jackie....each as beautiful as the last! These pieces just speak to me so! Congratulations, worthy of the honor for sure! :) Blessings


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