Friday, May 6, 2016

The Hero of My Story

                      I am the Hero of My Story. 

 I like how that sounds. I never thought of myself as being a hero.The word "Hero" conjures up images of someone coming to my rescue. It never really occurred to me that the Hero might me.

We all have a story and its our story that makes us each unique and who we are today. We each have the ability to change our story, to re-write the script and to live a story worth telling. I added luggage to her dress because after all most of us carry some of it around even if no else can see it but us.

I think of all the stories in my family, good and bad and how they have touched my heart and helped to put together the lost pieces to my own story. My story is not an earth moving one, it certainly has it's moments and hills and valleys and places I would choose not to go again, but my story brought me to this very spot in my life where I stand today.
I still has many chapters to write, but for now, ...I am the Hero of my Story... that may not be how the story began but I get to choose the ending and that's how my story will end.
         "The Beginning is where the End gets Born"  *Catherynne Valente, Radiance
 I love this Articulated Art Doll Kit from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. The whole typewriter thing just called out to me. I can remember playing with my grandmother's typewriter and actually pecking out stories on it. I wish I had that typewriter today. There is just something about watching your story unfold by the click and sound of those keys.
 In the words of Maya Angelou, "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

 Tell your story.
 "Your story is the ultimate art".

There are only a few pieces to this kit so it is easy peasy to assemble. The toothpick is to keep the holes where you attach the arms free from paint. (I learned that from experience) :)

The typewriter cut out comes with the kit and the paper on the typewriter cut out is blank. I used some rub off words to add to my paper. There wasn't the word HERO, so I made my own and pasted it in. The brown paper you see is something I save from every order. It comes as part of the packaging and is normally thrown away. I save it and use it for adding some backing to my collage cutouts, such as the wings shown here.
 Once the arms were added, I glued wings on the back side. Then I added her face and cut out some images from my stash to add to the top of her head. The word brave on her dress is a rub on word. They come in so handy. I love her glasses which can be ordered from Retro and you get a whole selection of different styles.

On the stand I added a quote that I found and just used black Washi tape and a white Signo pen to write it.
The back of the doll has some collage images added and some die cut typewriter keys on the stand. After finishing the doll and the shelf, I distressed the edges with some distress ink by Tim Holtz, I used Wild Honey and Vintage Photo - two of my favorites.
 The shelf was just a bonus piece I added to go with this kit for the picture. This was also a wooden piece of packaging that held little wooden Fable icons in each slot. I thought it looked like a great little bookshelf, so of course I saved it. I painted it, and added some cut out collage images and then glued the shelf on a wood block where I also added a quote. (When you purchase items, take a second look at the packaging).

On top of the shelf below is one of the wooden Fable icons that came in this box that says "Natural Beauty."

Thank you for visiting my post today. In honor of Mother's Day,and a two time cancer survivor,this post is for you Mom! You are my Hero!
                   Have Luggage?  Back Space! :)
Wood block & some collage images from my personal stash



  1. I always love seeing what you create! Love "Your story is the ultimate art"
    Wishing you a sunny weekend!

  2. Brilliant doll, Kim! I love the idea of us each being a hero of our own story too, and the Maya Angelou quote is excellent. Congratulations also on being a designer for RCAG! I love their products and you have created such an imaginative and meaningful piece with them. xx

  3. aww, sweet Mom's day post... lovely...

  4. RCAG has some great kits and you rocked this one, Kim. Happy Mother's Day to you! xoxo

  5. Great work and wonderful inspirational story.

  6. Kim, I love everything about this piece! Amazing art and wonderful tribute! xoxo

  7. I really love your typewriter girl!

  8. Just found your blog via a Pinterest post. I love this doll you created! Awesome.

  9. Fabulous! And she reminds me of a friend's grand-daughter - facially it could be her.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  10. Fun perusing your blog, Kim. You should post the link more often to bring people here. Fun stuff.


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