Sunday, June 5, 2016


"Be like the bird who, 
pausing in her flight awhile on boughs too slight,
feels them give way beneath her, and yet she sings,
knowing she hath wings". 
Victor Hugo

If you followed the post prior to this one, then this is the continued post about the Large 3-D Bird Cage Shrine by Retro Cafe Art Galley showing a new design I created with it using different designs of the Dresden Foil trims. 
 I started by painting all my pieces of the bird cage shrine first. Next I picked out my paper and images for the collage on my back piece of the cage that will face the inside.

I added my Dresden Foil trim to my image before gluing it to the back piece. The Dresden Foil pieces are so versatile in the fact that they can be cut and used in so many different ways.
The rose I added is also Dresden Foil in shiny red. I added some orange acrylic paint to it and lightly rubbed it off. Next adding some antiquing medium to give it more of a vintage look.
The very top piece comes with the Bird Cage Shrine. The oval frame is a piece that I added from Retro Cafe Art Gallery to attach to the front with the word "Flight" added to it. The tiny gold ornate mini door knob also from RCAG was a perfect addition to the scroll top piece.

On the back side of the collage I added another little gold jeweled mini door knob at the top. After painting and adding my images, I used a Gold Signo Pen to outline the back part of the cage, and continuing the same with the front side.
I used 7 Gypsies paper for the bottom piece, top and bottom.
This gives you a closer look inside. I love the dimensions and the 3-D effect you get from this Bird Cage Shrine. You can see the Dresden Foil Collage on the back piece and the pieces on the front really add beauty to the bird cage. I used the Art Alchemy Gold Rush Paint for gold touches on the top black scroll piece, the oval cameo word frame, the feet and on the edges of most all the cage pieces.

 I added one bird in the middle, not attached to the back side and one bird on the front giving it even more of a 3-D look. 
For this bird cage, I added some wooden beads for feet. It just lifts the cage a bit higher. If you are going to make one of your own, you could even attach a ring the top of the cage and put it on a stand. "See, I told you there are endless possibilities with this fun piece."

You have to make one of these Bird Cage Shrines, and probably more than one because everyone who sees it is going to want one too! They are really simple to assemble and the result is all you and where your imagination can take you.

Thank you for viewing both of my posts. Wishing you loads of fun creating one of your own Bird Cage Shrines!

Dresden Red Foil Roses
E6000 Transparent Glue
Acrylic Paint
Tim Holtz Chitchat Verbiages
7 Gypsies Paper
All bird images from Art To Borrow- Stampington and Company


  1. Ok I'm just in awe of your talent! I love what you've created in both posts!

    1. Thank you Martha! And I can say the exact thing about you! :)

  2. So stunning Kim!!! I adore all the cool Dresden pieces you used. And such wonderful images! Awesome!

    1. Thank you, always inspired by Retro Cafe Art Gallery!!

  3. love the choice of the Da Vinci and Lippi prints in your work, so graceful...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Jackie for your friendship and always kind support!!

  5. Beautiful work - I love both cages. Thank you for the detailed step by step imagery.

    1. Thank you Sandy for visiting and leaving a lovely comment!


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