Friday, July 8, 2016


Whether it's Love or Cards, it's never a good thing when you can't find your Queen.

    I had a blast making this Manikin Male Art Doll Kit. You can find this kit and many more Art Doll Kits over at Retro Cafe.

It's funny what inspires you to create something. I was inspired to make this lonely King by the little bity miniature playing cards - the ones used here in the King's hat.

There is a place on the back to hang him on the wall or he also stands up nicely against a wall or anything that he can lean on with a little support.

 Don't be fooled by the size of this doll next to the larger playing cards. The bigger playing cards you see next to him are actually Big Jumbo Playing cards that I purchased at my local dollar store and quite bit larger than regular cards. This Manikin Male Art Doll stands 16" tall from his toes to the top of his crown.

 How did I make this Cutie?  I started by choosing a base color and first applying white gesso. After it was dry, I painted all the pieces back and front with the red acrylic paint color I chose.
  Next I picked out faces from my stash,and found this face from One Crab Apple on Etsy. I used bits and scraps of some of her images on the body as well as cut out letters from Crowabout Studio to make words that say: "To Myself Be True", those are good words to live by and a good sign of a King don't you think?
 I created his hat from paper scraps in my paper collections and added the mini playing cards. Then I began adding paper to his body to design his clothing. The face I used is bigger than the dolls actual head, so I added a stiff cardboard backing to the head image for stability. Then I glued the hat to the head and set it aside.

  After I was finished with the collage on the body, I took some blue paint that coordinated with the other colors and added some contrast to the edges of the doll, and around the feet and hands. I stamped the word "Create" on his leg and added a little heart.

 Next I began work on the little shrine box that goes inside the center of the doll. After assembling the box with E6000 clear glue, I added a card image inside the box and washi tape to the sides and then added some contrasting paint color.

  The next step was to put the arms and legs on with the brads that are included and attach the box into the slots of the body of the doll from the backside. I added a touch of clear glue to the slots and edges of the box and then popped it into place and let dry.

 The last thing I do is to clean my hands (which are always messy with paint) and glue on the face and hat to the head so that no paint gets on the face as I am securing it to the doll.

 Finishing touches included adding some little heart and star bits to the front of the box which also covers up the slots.
And there you go, it's that easy and fun to do. The great thing about these dolls are that they just keep taking different paths as you are making them. I always marvel at the end result because it is usually much different than when I started.

Will you make some mistakes? Of course, but nothing that will keep your doll from being wonderful and it will just add some spark to your doll's personality. I am a huge fan of embracing imperfections.  

 I bet you can't see the mistake I made! (I got so busy and distracted working on the bottom front of the doll adding scraps of paper,washi tape and letters that I covered up the two little holes where you place the brads to attach the top part of the legs.(Just under the words - Be True.  Oops!  No worries, I just glued on the top of the legs to the back side and still added my brads to the bottom part of the legs. So my King can still dance a jig, he just won't be doing the splits! :)

 Now that you have seen my King, I am hoping you will be inspired to will visit Retro Cafe Art Gallery and make my lonely King a QUEEN!

                                KINGLY SUPPLIES USED

Papers from my personal stash
Words-Crowabout Studio
Face - Art Tea Life/Etsy
E6000 Clear Glue
Red and Blue Acrylic Paint
Washi Tape
Letter Stamps
Stazon Ink Pad


  1. He is a most charming gentleman, indeed.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Gemma,
      You have sure been in my thoughts and prayers lately. I am sending you bushels full of Soul healing vibes!
      Love you!

  3. Another fabulous doll!! I am just blown away by the detail you add to these fun characters!! Bravo Kim!! xx

  4. Thank you Jackie. I love making these crazy little characters! They certainly turn out very different sometimes than how I first imagined them..which is all part of the fun!!

  5. He's SO wonderful!!! Love his playfulness!!!


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