Sunday, July 24, 2016


   The King has found his Queen.

                  Do you remember this lonely King? 
 If you saw my post on the King that I made with supplies from Retro Cafe Art Gallery, then you know that the King was a bit lost without a Queen.

The King has finally met his match in a Queen and she has officially been received into his Kingdom today.

As every Queen is, she is strong and keeps her cards close to her crown. She is the brick and mortar of the castle. 



For the foundation of the this Queen I used the Articulated Dress Form Art Doll in my stash from Retro Cafe Art Gallery and she looked like she could become a Queen so I got to work to make this King happy.

The face is from a collage sheet by Dina Pratt found over at Retro Cafe. I thought this face had the perfect attitude that only a Queen could carry off. I made her a paper crown just like the Kings and tucked in mini playing cards just where she likes to keep them...She is not one to show her hand.
She proudly wears a  necklace that says: "Just Received" so everyone will know the King is no longer available.

She was a wee bit shorter than her King so being a Queen she needed a pedestal anyway, so I glued her onto a wood block to give her more height and to allow her to stand tall with her King. To the block I added words that say "HIS" and a word scroll cut out that says: "BELOVED". 
  She is a fashionable artsy type Queen as you can tell by her leopard print sleeves and her one of a kind dress of many colors.

 I  also used the mini playing cards after adding a color wash and paper, to make a ruffle at the bottom of her dress.

 I think they make Queenly couple in the art world,
and the Queen's dress says it all.... "DREAM BIG... LIKE A QUEEN".

Thank you for welcoming in the Queen and to Retro Cafe Art Gallery for the most Royal suppies. I hope you are "Dreaming Big" a QUEEN!


  1. The Queen is beautiful and I know the Royal couple will be happy forever and ever♥

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and it's a beautiful MATCH too. Oops - I probably shouldn't use the word "match" in front of them!!! Sooo.... oh yes - it's SUCH a BEAUTIFUL PAIR too!!!! Your Queens is SPLENDID Kim. I adore the ruffle at the bottom of her skirt! Handsome King - Chic Queen - and both so COLORFULLY CHARMING. What a treat to see your creativity - great way to start my week. LOVE THEM BOTH and the Queen definitely was received into my heart too!!! XXj.

  3. AH-Ma-ZING!!!!!!
    Kim Your queen is totally who the king needed to complete his realm! What a fabulous couple to reign over the kingdom! And how true she is the brick and mortar!! Bravo Bravo!!
    Geesh, I wish we lived closer so we could play art together! heehee

  4. She is SO delightful!!! The perfect pair!!! xoxo


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