Friday, August 5, 2016


 When I think of ATC's, I think of ALICE, simply because ATC's are little works of art and can be anything you want them to be. I personally love making and collecting these from other artists.

 This is  my monthly post for August as a design team member for Retro Cafe Art Gallery. I am totally in love with the  variety of ATC holders available from Retro Cafe Art Gallery.This is my first ATC box, but for sure not my last. I have many ATC's that would look amazing in these little ATC boxes all lined up on my shelf.
 “The time has come," the walrus said, "to talk of many things: Of shoes and ships - and sealing wax - of cabbages and kings”
Lewis Carroll

 ~  HOW I MADE IT  ~

Lay out all the pieces from the kit: Santos Cage Doll ATC Box Kit
Dust off any residue from the pieces
Apply white gesso to back and front and let dry.
This is when I decide on a face to use. RCAG had a large variety of faces that fit each size kit.
The face I use generally determines the dolls personality and what the rest of the doll will look like.
Once the gesso is dry, I painted all the pieces back and front with my base color that I chose which was red acrylic paint.  

After the red paint was dry on both sides, I added images from Alice in Wonderland to the sides and the back piece that would be facing outward. I put the paper on the pieces and traced the pieces with my finger so it outlined the piece onto the paper making a pattern. After cutting out the images, I edged each piece with gold and then glued them to both wood sides and the back side.
I also used the gold with my fingers to edge all the wood pieces and the stars on the back piece, front and back. I did the same with the front piece adding gold touches to the stars and the edges.
I added three pieces not included with the kit, but available to purchase, two small keys and a word scroll that says "Cherish".  I glued these to the front piece of the box after painting them gold as well.

To her crown, I painted it gold and added the word:
(using Tim Holtz Remant Rubs)

On the bottom piece, I decided to go with a stencil, adding pink and then gold dots to the stencil. Then I enhanced the stencil design with a black gel pen.
After everything was dry, I added a word stamp to the dolls arms and attached them to the front of the body using the included brads.
For the word frame, I painted it gold and used the words: "The Journey" from Tim Holtz's Word Remnants onto a small white piece of poster board, cut it out and glued it to the back side of the frame. Next I glued it on just above where I positioned the dolls hands.
For the back inside, I cut two butterflies out and glued them to a piece of poster board. Before cutting them out, I painted the backside of the butterflies pink and stamped with a word script rubber stamp. Then I cut out the butterflies and glued them to the inside back of the box on each side.
I also added a little tea cake on the back with the word: Observations 
Lastly, I glued the face on and then edged all the pieces with some Patina Guilders Paste to give it more dimension, which I thought looked really good with the gold and red.
I assembled all the box together attaching the sides to the back and then adding the front and the bottom piece. Gluing it altogether with a strong clear transparent glue. 
Thank you for being here today and reading my post. I just adore this kit and I love how even without the ATC's placed inside, it almost looks like she is sitting on her throne.
If you want to make an ATC box of your own to store your ATC's, 
Be An ALICE, don't do nothin' at all!

She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME
And she grew so tall,
She ate from a plate called TASTE ME
And down she shrank so small.
And so she changed, while other folks
Never tried nothin' at all.”
Shel Silverstein,



(used on crown and frame)
Guilders Paste - Patina
E6000 Transparent Clear Glue
Art Alchemy Paint - Gold Rush
Red Acrylic Paint
Mat Medium 


  1. A fabulous Alice ,and I`m truly in Wonderland, looking at your amazing creation, dear Kim. So many wonderful details, all over, on your ATC box of happiness and joy !!
    Dorthe xxxooo

    1. Thank You Dorthe, I truly had so much fun with this one! In my mind I just keep thinking how adorable it would be to have several lined up on a shelf in different colors and faces! Oh me, oh my!

  2. I LOVE HER SO MUCH...what a great project...awesome step out...I love everything about this.

    1. Thank you Monica! I love these little ATC holders, great for business cards too! I need to get over to your Etsy shop, I hear there is a ribbon cutting!!

  3. Kim, I wish I had your imagination! I love Alice♥

    1. Thank you Jackie! Sometimes that imagination gets me into a lot of trouble!! hehee!

  4. Oh Kim! Your Alice is darling!! I am happy you shared your steps, I love the tracing with your fingers part-heehee had to laugh as i do the same!
    Have a super week! hugs,Jackiexx

  5. Such a sweet and wonderful project! Your cards look amazing in such a cool box! Love her so much!

  6. Kim, I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this creation...thank you for so generously sharing your process with us!

  7. Kim, she is beautiful!! I too can see a parade of little wonders on your shelf! You have made magic here, and love the use of red and pink, which (to me) is no small feat. xo

  8. Kim - This so wonderful - love all the little touchs you've done such a lovely and delightful ATC holder - the colours and Alice's plaid dress are perfect! Thank you do much for sharing all your tips and tricks!


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