Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Once again I have been playing on the playground with Sandra Evertson's Relica's and Artifacts. 
You can find the most beautiful magical things there! 
I painted this "Papillon" butterfly just simply using Neocolor II watercolor crayons and Tim Holtz and Prima rub-ons.  I used the packing material from archival blanks to wrap around the body and topped it with flower rub-on.  I am truly enjoying the different ways in which to use the Relics and Artifacts, the possibilities are just endless. If you go to Sandra Evertson's site, you will see some magnificent creations. You are also invited to join the Relic's and Artifacts Tribe on face book where you will not only see some fabulous works but some great tutorials and share pages on tips and techniques for different products. You can find this butterfly and more of my creations in my Etsy shop. (see sidebar).
I just couldn't help myself when going through my shells and then seeing this face in her collection, they just kind of merged together like they were meant to be.

I'm pretty in love with this little shell person and he's a perfect example of the magical places her products will take you. I hope you will take a look and now I am off to make more shell people.

  This little guy inspires me in my studio and will even hold my paint brush!
Stay Inspired, Follow your heart, Live your passion,
Find Joy in the Ordinary.


There is a legend in ancient times that if you lived your life well, when you passed from this earth, you would be greeted by the Angel of The Fountain of Living Waters to help you along your journey in the after life.

I made this fountain as a submission for a challenge to the Relics and Artifacts Tribe on Facebook using Ice Resin. I can't believe this is my first experience using the Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer, but you can be assured it won't be my last. It is truly amazing stuff. 
The fountain consists of archival casts from Sandra Evertson's exquisite line of Relics and Artifacts, using the blanks Coquille, Egg Shrine and Mythos.
I painted the blanks with arcylic paints and used Relique Powder Iced Enamel and flakes. I added tiny clear beads to resemble water and painted over areas with Ice Resin to give it that shine and to fill my "Shell water well" using the clear beads and Ice Resin.

I am very happy with the results and my  list has grown tremendously of all the ways I can use this Ice Resin, so I am sure you will be seeing more of it from me in the future. A big Thank you to Sandra Evertson for her Magical Playground of Relics and Artifacts. If you haven't been there, I invite you to visit her site, you will be in for a real treat! 
Thank you for visiting today. You can find this creation and more in my Etsy Shop, see the side links!

Have a wonderful day!