Wednesday, December 14, 2016


When I first saw The Relics and Artifacts of  “Cassiopeia’s Throne”  my mind went crazy. I knew I had to try my hand at this one even though I’ve really had little experience with some of the techniques I used.

When I started putting together my thoughts, I had two ideas and that required two thrones. You see, Cassiopeia was the vain and boastful wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia. They are the only husband and wife couple among the constellations. I thought that called for two thrones, one for the King and his vainly beautiful Queen.

 I have been dying to make use of some of the Bohemian Jewels from Sandra’s line but my mind kept going back to the time when thrones were massive in size and carved with beautiful ornate carvings that showcased the wood and craftsmanship. You begin by first gluing the very simple pieces of the throne together. I applied a layer of gesso and then put my imagination to work. To give beauty to the carvings on this throne I used Prima's IOD  molds which worked beautifully. After making the mold using paper clay and letting it dry over night, I just simply cut off the pieces I needed and glued them in place to the chair.
I used a dark brown base color and then highlighted with a lighter golden brown which gave the chair a worn patina. Then to add shine to those areas, I used Ice Resin. This was only my second time experimenting with ICE Resin®.  Not only was it an easy process, it has opened up the doors of my mind to new adventures and new ideas.

After gluing on the IOD molds on this Throne, 
I painted with an ivory 
acrylic paint and then used
antiquing medium over it, 
highlighting areas with gold

 I have been creating art all my life and the thrill of exploring and venturing into new areas that I have not tried is the truest art of living my passion, always learning and gathering from the hearts of other artists who passionately share their ideas and techniques.

You can find the IOD molds over at Retro Cafe Art Gallery, both of these throne designs were created with one mold.  The Cassiopeia Thrones can be found on Sandra's web page as well as more Relics and Artifacts to explore.


Relics and Artifacts - Cassiopeia's Throne
Relics and Artifacts - Mythos
Ice Resin
Alene's tacky glue
Acrylic paints
Paper Clay
Some jewelry embellishments from personal stash

  Thank you for stopping by. Happy Creating!


  1. This seriously takes my breath away. Especially the white chair. Tell me, please, where did the tiny deer head come from?

    1. THank you Holly! I actually found these tiny little deer heads at Hobby Lobby. They came 6 to a card with adhesive backing. I don't know if you are near a Hobby Lobby or if they carry the same things, but you might check. I found them where the luggage tags and card tags were hanging!
      Happy Creating!

  2. Kim,
    these are so cool! Wonder how much work to make one in my size?LOL
    Keep sending the snow, but it seems to be melting before it gets to you! Better get busy with that snow dance!
    hugs my friend,

    1. Ahhh Thanks Jackie! I would die also to have a massive chair like these! Actually I would settle for any kind of "throne" lol. Thanks for the snow wishes, Winter is my neck of the woods is just such a teaser! We never know what might blow our way until we wake up and the ground is white. I am always waiting for that gift from nature. I guess it depends on where you live whether you consider it a gift or not! Thanks for always stopping in. Hugs, Love and Merry Christmas to you!!


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