Tuesday, March 14, 2017


  These little chocolate bunnies are so cute, you just want to bite their ears off! I don't know about you, but they are the first to go when I am devouring a chocolate bunny! You can find these adorable bunnies at Retro Cafe Art Gallery. They come in a package of two, and the little bows come with them. Easy Peasy to assemble, just paint, glue and snap together. I seesawed back and forth between painting white bunnies and brown bunnies. For me, chocolate always wins. After seeing how cute these two turned out, I am now thinking I may need two white bunnies to accompany them. I was initially making them for Easter decor, then I was thinking how cute they would be in Easter baskets with names written on the base. When I started thinking about names, I began to see visions of bunny place markers at the dinner table. Now you can see how these adorable little guy's multiply!! With two in a package and what little time it takes to make them, I think they deserve a place at the table.... Vanilla and Chocolate!

      Sneak Peak! Another use for these in my APRIL post for 
                           Retro Cafe Art Gallery

Acrylic Paint


  1. Kim, these guys are too stinkin cute! I was just thinking about them at the Easter table for guests. What a clever idea! Love that sneak peek as well-looking forward to what is to come!
    Thank you for all your wonderful comments and encouragement!
    huge hugs,Jackie


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