Saturday, April 29, 2017


 As a design team member for Retro Cafe Art Gallery, I get to do a post once a month using some of their fabulous designs. I have long admired the beautiful crowns made by other team members, but I never tried my hand at making one of my own. When I tried to come up with a design, I began dreaming and quickly fell down the rabbit hole... then this happened. This would make a darling cake topper, party favors or table decoration for a Mad Hatter Tea Party.
  The crown itself starts with a chipboard piece that hooks together with a brad (you can also glue it, I do both), then you begin painting. 

This was my first attempt with Patina Paste and it is ridiculous how easy it is to use to achieve so many beautiful effects.

The first thing I did was to smooth and attach the crown together with glue and the brad. Then I used the Blue paste patina covering the crown back and front. Once dry, I added another layer using the Brass patina paste. While that was drying, I added two strips of Dresden Foil trim around the bottom of the crown and then glued on some jewel embellishments.
 Next I took the Alice in Wonderland Chipboard cut outs and painted them with acrylic Metallic paint on the back and the front I just painted the edges.

 Once dry, I glued the Alice in Wonderland paper cuts to the matching chipboard pieces. Then I took some of the Brass patina paste and went around the edges of each figure to give it the appearance of brass.
The little figures are so adorable, (insert tip can also get the stands for them so they stand alone). The next step was to decide which ones I wanted to use and where to place them on the crown. I made the choice to glue them from the inside so they didn't cover up any of the crown's design. I like to use the clear adhesive (E6000) for attaching pieces like this, it dries quickly and is strong.

Falling down the rabbit hole while dreaming is not all that bad.. Thank you for visiting today. 

Dresden Foil Trim
Jewel embellisments


  1. I'm so glad you fell down the rabbit hole! Your crown is exquisite! What an awesome combination!

    1. Thank you Kristin! I'm so happy the figures at Retro were just the perfect size 💖

  2. Kim this is just magical!!! ♥
    xo Michelle

  3. This is awesome! I do not remember right now the name of the blog, but every year around Aug. Sept. She hosts a huge mad tea party blog hop. This would be great on your table!

    1. Thanks Sue! I would love to see that blog hop! Let me know if you come across it again!
      Thanks for coming by.😊

  4. Fantastic, Kim! I love everything about it - you ROCK!

    1. You are so amazing! Thank you for your sweet compliment!!

  5. gorgeous and very much fantaci fun


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