Thursday, June 1, 2017


  That very question came to me face to face as I was working on this project for my monthly post for Retro Cafe Art Gallery and looking for some inspiration for to add to the sails of my boat. Sitting directly across from me on my work space is a project that I have been putting off for some time just because it is totally out of my comfort zone. Each time I look at it, doubt sets in and I find plenty of reasons to get busy on something else. Fear also keeps me from doing a number of things in my life that I am sure I would be set free as a bird if I only gave them a try. I tend to be very independent, subborn and strong willed so I have made it my goal this year to no longer be held hostage by fear. Since fear does keep most of us from living our full potential in one way or another, I decided to address it, big and bold on the sails of my boat project for this months post.This project was something I do love to do... and the other, well, that's a work in progress. No one holds us back from our Dreams, but ourselves. I love the quote I found for the side of the boat, "Your Dreams Await You, on the other side of Fear". 

I started this project sailboat by gluing the boat together first and while it was drying, I began working on the sails. I used some ivory linen    adhesive pages and cut them to fit the sails back and front. Then I stamped on them and used Tim Holtz distressed ink pad to edge them. Once stamped, I grabbed my box of painted paper scraps from previous projects and cut pieces to stamp my words on for one side of the sail. The other side of the sail, I sewed painted scrap pieces to teabags and glued them on.
 Then I cut a butterfly from material I had and glued it to a piece of cardboard and sewed around it, adding the words: 

After I embellished the sails, I glued them to the sail frames and let them dry. Then I painted the boat and added a quote to the front. To the back of the boat I added a Tim Holtz chipboard word that reads: 
                     "FOLLOW YOUR HEART".
 The little boy and girl are from Tim Holtz's paper dolls and I stood them up by using the theater stands from Retro Cafe Art Gallery. They work perfect and I didn't even have to glue them in. They can be moved around or even taken out. The fish I added to the boy is a die cut from Retro Cafe as well.

                "Hark, now hear the sailors cry,
                 Smell the sea and feel the sky
         Let your Soul and Spirit Fly, into the mystic.."
             Van Morrison
                               YOU MIGHT JUST SOAR!

Wishing you a great adventure, what are you waiting for?


Ranger Ink Sticky Back Canvas
Hampton Arts Stamp, All Night Media
Acey Deucy and Stampabilities
Mini Letter Stamps
Stazon Ink Pad- Black
Tea Bags
Painted Paper Scraps
Butterfly Material
Card Stock
Sewing Machine
Acrylic Paint
Tim Holtz Paper Dolls


  1. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE and soooo INSPIRING Kim. Wow. GREAT way to start my week - with your CREATIVITY and THOUGHT PROVOKING sentiments! XXj.

    1. Thank you so much Joi! I love to inspire and create art. Thanks so much for starting your week here. I hope it has been a wonderful week for you and the weekend brings you joy and happiness doing something you love!

  2. So very wonderful and inspiring!!! Love love love!

    1. xoxo
      The sailboat just seemed to be a good start to a busy and creative summer! Thank you for all the inspiration provided over at Retro Care Art Gallery!!

  3. Great job, Kim. Addressing too, what all artist's feel at one time or another. After more than a year of the moving process it is so hard to get going again. I still don't know where so many things are, but I keep plugging away at it.

    1. Thank Coleen.Yes,as fear goes, I find myself sometimes sticking with what I am most comfortable with because doubt and fear come to play. I'm pretty much over those two!! LOL
      And Oh my, I can't imagine moving my studio. I just do a little clean up and then stress because I can't find things!! It will all come together soon!
      Wishing you a creative Summer!!!

  4. There is a good book out there, " art and fear" by david bayles which really gives good company to what you have said here. I spent my working life saying, when i retire i wil...well now i am retired and trying to do some of the things i let fear or what get in between. So i am building my new life bit by bit. Sold a drawing today!!! But also bought some cool plants for next to my door. I love your new piece. Your work is wonderful company!

    1. Hi Betty!! Congratulations on the sell of your drawing and more importantly for making time for yourself to do those things that bring you joy and happiness. I am going to do that very thing this some flowers/plants to sit by my door..a welcome to my happy place. Thank you for stopping by, it's always nice to hear from a friend. Your support of my art has always meant a great deal to me! Keep doing those happy things, you are worth it!! I am working on two new mixed media dolls inspired from a class I am taking at Artful Gathering right now and loving it. I will post and share them when they are completed!

  5. this is lovely and very inspirational, thank you! xo

  6. ahhh, Kim. This is so to the point for me. What would I do if I wasn't so afraid? Damn, what a question. I think your piece is stunning, one of the best I've seen lately and you know how much I love all your pieces. It sure was nice to see your post in my bloglovin' today. Nice to see your face, my friend. Hugs.


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