Wednesday, September 27, 2017


A day off work and stamps from an amazing art sister made a perfect day in the studio for me.  A day to play with no plans, no structure, no creative processing before hand. Just a fruit smoothie and a table full of all my paper bits, tape and stamps and a whole day to make more packing tape cards. I make packing tape cards to go into my packages when I sell my art. It fills my heart to make them as a special Thank you to my buyers. Packing tape cards are a great way to use up your bits of images and paper and to see where your creative spirit takes you! 

                                                     KINDNESS MATTERS

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I had this Articulated Carousel Doll Shrine Kit from Retro Cafe Art Gallery in my possession for awhile just waiting for the inspiration to knock on the door and inspire me. It not only knocked, it blew my door down when the wooden Dia de los Muertos Cats arrived at Retro Cafe Art Gallery. These colorful little cats were just the inspiration I needed to create my Dia De Los Muertos Carousel Shrine. Dia de los Muertos is one of the most beautiful celebrations in all of Mexico, celebrating and honoring the life of deceased loved ones. As I was creating this, I think I heard the music as I envisioned this carousel in the center of the square somewhere among all the happy people and colorful festivities.
I made a lot of alterations to the Articulated Doll Carousel Shrine Kit mainly by adding to it. One of the things I added was The Layered Winged Sugar Skull Ornament. I used the Sugar Skull for the face and added the wings to the body. I took the Starburst in that kit and added it to the bottom of the Carousel. 
By adding the Sunburst to the bottom of the Carousel, that gave me slots to add more poles by using dowels and gluing them in the slots. From my childhood, I remembered there being poles on the inside as well the outside of the Carousel.  Some of the inside poles were different animals. So I decided that my inside poles would be the Dia de los Muertos Cats and they were perfect for this. The cats I used were the cut outs and I added paper to the back to make them sturdier and glued them to the poles.
When I added the poles, the bottom dowels fit in the starburst slots and the top part I glued to the under side of the top piece of the Carousel and secured it with a little Aves Apoxie Sculpt around the top of the poles and then painted the sculpt to match the underside.

I also switched the laced grills from the top to the bottom and placing the flat edged ones at the top. I had visions of the Carousels that had the advertisements at the top with lights. So, I added pictures and paper to mine along with the mini Sugar Skulls around the top with the words "Never Grow Up" and "Souvenir Photos". 
The Carousel Kit comes with Paper Horse Cut Outs, but I wanted to paint my own. I painted each horse black and trimmed with Gold and added a colorful saddle made from a circle and folded in half so the saddle showed on both sides. I staggered the horses as if they were going up and down as well as the Dia de los Muertos Cats. The Carousel Music still playing loudly in my head.....

I also added wooden feet to the bottom to lift it up as if it could begin turning at any time.

The body was decorated with handmade art papers from my stash. The holes on the wings were easy to cover up with paper and I added gold to most all edges giving it an older vintage look. I added gold Dresden Foil Trim to the Sugar Skull Crown and some diamonds jewels. The cat on the back is one of the wooden ones I had left over from my Halloween Tombstones (Prior Post to this one) and it found a perfect spot.
There is just something very magical about a Carousel and even more so when the vision of the one in your head and your heart just falls into place. I very pleased with how she turned out and I debated whether or not to do decorate the face. Hummm... that might be another addition coming and I may add Glow in the Dark paint to all the skulls.

I hope you enjoyed my Dia De Los Muertos Carousel Shrine. Remember, Never grow up and never pass up the chance to ride a Carousel. 


Dowel Rods
German Dresden Border Mini Scalloped - Around the bottom of Carousel
Small Wooden Cups for Feet
Acrylic Paint
Art Papers and Images
Mini Diamonds/Jewels for Crown