Sunday, October 1, 2017


Speaking of castles...It all started with the Somerset Studio 2017 Sept./Oct. issue, where I saw two mesmerizing castles by artist Michelle Ward and Andrew Borlo. Somerset Studio always leaves me inspired. It didn't take me long to grab that coupon to Michael's and get that castle in my hands. I am a big fan of DOTD creations and I knew right away this was going to be a castle with rooms of many Shrines. There are a lot of photos, sorry about that, but this is a big castle! :)

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful, happy, festive celebration where the lives of families and loved ones that have passed are celebrated by the living. I made this castle with the idea in mind that it would not be just one Shrine, but a Castle of many Shrines. I love that it folds up and latches and the castle arches transform into a carrying handle.

 The entire castle was sanded completely before painting and given a layer of gesso. I loved painting all the bright colors and merging them together room by room just following my muse on the journey.

A funny thing happened while working on my Papel Picado Stencils for the decor on the top of the castle........

 Sherry Westfall Mathews comes knocking at my castle door .. with a wonderful post on her fabulous new hand sculpted clay Fridaflies. Such great timing!

Right away I grabbed some up because this Castle Dia de los Muertos was just screaming for Fridaflies.  They were just the magical touch that I needed for the front of the castle windows and the one with the outstretched arms was just perfect for the welcoming of Souls! I also added some of her Frida figures as well. 
Some of the other figures were purchased through Retro Cafe Art Gallery and handmade in Peru as well as the little yarn woven skeleton man and woman on the walls. They were originally a pin that I cut in half, but they also are made in the earrings too. Yes, things do get cut up and altered often in my studio. 

 I was dying to do a festive Shrine in each room and I could just envision the beauty of all the rooms being filled, (insert sugar skulls, flower, skellies, beads, etc.) but that is sheer beauty of this Castle and something that the buyer will have enormous fun doing on their own. (Insert a little envy here)

The little wooden box with the Dia de los Muertos cat peeking out the window is removable and hides  another room. The box can hold lots of little extra's,  more clay figures, or anything else that is not glued down.

And last but not least, each room comes lit with a battery operated candle and can be seen from every window with the castle opened or closed, which is just stunning when it's dark.
I  hope you enjoyed the tour of Castle Dia de los Muertos. When the castle is closed it has a locking latch on the side and a handy handle at the top for carrying. The castle door is magnetic and stays nicely closed.
You can find it in my Etsy shop or if you want to make one of your own, supplies are listed below with links.

Artminds Wood Castle
DOTD Skeleton Dog
DOTD Wedding Couple
Papel Picado Stencils
Senorita -top of castle
Guitarra - top of castle
Handwoven figures - castle walls
Small frames - castle walls
Dia de los muertos wood cat cut outs
Sugar Skull Cameo - castle door
DOTD Collage sheet - castle walls
Masonite Crosses
Gothic Church Shrine Kit - top of castle
Circle shrine - castle wall
Dia de los Muertos Stencil
Sand paper
Acrylic Paints
Battery Operated candles


  1. Kim you have excelled here! This is just amazing! I want to shrink down and live in a castle just like this! I love the use of colour; the detail - everything about the project. It's stunning! xxx

    1. Thank you Julie! When I was in the process of making this castle, I thought of all kinds of cool things to do with it.I agree with you, it would be amazing to live in a castle! Thank you for visiting and your always wonderful support of my art!

  2. What imagination you have. So colorful.

    1. Thank you Marilyn, LOL, my mother could probably write a book on the journey's of my imagination! Thank you for stopping in and taking a peek! I hope you will follow and come back often!

  3. This is sooooo amazing!! You always create magic! Xo

    1. Thank you Sherry! Your amazing Fridaflies and figures just completed the whole castle for me! They were just the perfect addition!

  4. Kim!!!!
    This castle is outstandingly, gobsmackingly , incredible!! Oh the colors and decor- you have nailed the celebratory part of Dia-de-los Muertos!
    congratulations on a most gorgeous inspirational piece Kim!!
    Jackie xx

    1. Thank you Jackie from my Frida heart to yours!!! And thank you for always taking the time to leave a comment! I so appreciate you!!


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