Friday, November 17, 2017



Driving a different direction to work
Drink a different tea or drink your coffee black
Speak to someone you don't know
Part your hair on the other side
Send someone a Love note
Wear two different colored socks
Do an art project with a medium that scares you
Wear something bold and gaudy
Step out of your comfort zone
Try juggling...and then pat yourself on the back for the things you CAN do
Wear red lipstick
Find a bag (preferably a paper one with handles), go on a walk and fill it
with treasures ~*
Discover things about yourself that you didn't know

"The idea is to turn even familiar actions into everyday celebrations, to make vivid the common, to separate every moment from the next, as experimental films do, so that spontaneity is allowed to break the dead hand of habit". ~Samuel A. Eisenstein

Some days you just want to put on your favorite tunes and dance wildly ~ or just open the windows, let the sun shine in and quietly sip tea.... I will dance wildly*

Keep a photo on your laptop or phone that makes you smile when you  open it up or maybe a crazy selfie that makes you laugh! Always make time for yourself no matter what it is that makes you happy and don't forget to laugh.

Just find a photo of someone you admire
Make a thought bubble with words of encouragement and glue it on or just add words to the picture.
 Hang it in a prominent place, put it on the fridge or somewhere you see it everyday and know that you are Loved no matter what happens.

Start everyday with a "Hello Beautiful" compliment in the mirror before you forge out into the world and end everyday with "How did I get so Lucky"!

Everyday, I take it all in, it fills me up! Every day  is a blank new canvas and you are the artist.
Today I am Celebrating all my Beautiful friends and all their amazing unique qualities that they bring to my world inspiring me to walk through new doors, saying yes to new adventures and to really see and Celebrate the person who looks back at me in the mirror everyday!
If you are here, today I Celebrate You! 
How did I get so Lucky!


  1. so inspiring Kim. You do make me smile, just having you as a friend. Keep up the good work. I think I forgot to mention to you, I have a giveaway going, ends tonight, for art supplies. I'd love to see a friend win. Here's the link. ( If I've forgotten that you entered, YAY that you entered. (a little chagrinned that I forgot, been a busy week!) Hugs, Jennifer

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer!! Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  2. I am so lucky and so very blessed to have found you and be able to call you my friend Kim!
    Thank you for being you! the sweetest ever!

    1. Thank you Jackie and right back at YOU!!!
      Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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