Monday, November 12, 2018


I started out playing with the large watercolor tags from Joggles. After creating the tags, I decided to actually use them in one of their disc bound tag journals. This one is actually a watercolor disc bound tag journal 8" x 5". I used matte medium and adhered the tags I created to a tag page in the journal. It was easy to do since you can pop out the pages and keep them flat. Once I attached my tags, I popped all the pages back in the journal in the order I wanted them. 

The cover of my journal is made from two stamps I had in my stash. The body is from the Unity stamp by Christy Tumblinson and the face is a Woodland Fairy Stamp by Kristin Peterson. I stamped the face onto one of Joggles 2.5" watercolor trading coins and used the Marabu Graphic Aqua watercolor pens to color it. Then I glued the stamped coin onto the large tag covering the unity stamp face, leaving just the body of the Unity stamp showing.
I also used the 2" watercolor trading coin by Joggles and sewed an elastic ribbon to it to keep my journal closed adding the words "Abandon Yourself to Curiosity".  It doesn't need it right now, but I like the look and eventually, my journals like to get fat. I can't say enough how nice it is to create each page individually and then just pop them in a journal. If you don't like a page you created, you can just pop it back out.
Here are some of the inside pages I created just for fun for the journal using Marabu Graphic Aqua Watercolor pens.

By gluing the tags I created onto the pages of the journal, I still have plenty of room to journal around the tags. I left the back sides of each page blank for extra journaling.


 Here in Central Arkansas, it is Fall Y'all! I hope you are all enjoying this welcomed time of year.
This is my back cover. "Set your Muse Free". Do that thing you think is hard. I never knew how easy watercolor could be.
I could not be happier to have the Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens in my arsenal of supplies, a quick favorite! I don't know why I waited so long. You don't have too. Take the leap.... the Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens, fineliners and inks are all on sale now saving you 50% for a limited time only.

                                   Aren't you curious?

Joggles Disc Bound Watercolor Journals
Joggles Watercolor Parts/Artist Trading Coins
Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens- Octopy Set
Marabu Graphix Fineline Pens-Hypnotize Set
Faber Castell Pitt Black Pen
Posca White Paint Pen
Tim Holtz Water Brush by Ranger
Liquitex Matt Medium
Golden -Iridescent Gold Acrylic
Woodland Fairy Stamp by Kristen Petersen 
Unity Stamp by Christy Tumblinson

Friday, November 9, 2018


I am here to share with you today my disc bound journal from Joggles and the Aqua watercolor pens by Marabu. If you love to journal like I do, then I think you will find the disc bound watercolor journals as exciting as I did. I was thrilled to have the capability of popping out the pages to be able to work on them completely flat without messing up my other pages in the journal and easily being able to pop them back in the journal in any order I chose to place the pages.
 If that wasn't exciting enough, I was over the moon using the Graphic Aqua Watercolor Pens and Inks for the first time by Marabu. Watercolor can be a bit intimidating sometimes, but not here. The Marabu Aqua watercolor pens worked flawlessly. There is a flexible brush on one end with color and a contour watercolor pen for more definition on the other end. Like the pens, the watercolor inks are intense and bright and are extremely easy to spread and blend. I was instantly hooked. I have since used them on project after project and they are still preforming like a charm. 

Here are some pages I created for the journal using Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens and Inks. I truly have no watercolor experience to speak of, so that just tells you how easy these Graphix Watercolor Pens and Inks are to work with.

The background on both of these pages were done by adding some of the Marabu Graphix Aqua Inks on the pages, and then using a light water mister and a mini brayer to blend the colors. The butterfly is one of Joggles Art Parts on watercolor paper. I stamped the butterfly first and then added watercolor using one of the aqua watercolor pens. Then I attached it to the page using matte medium gel allowing the wings to extend a little over the page.

I worked on each of the pages separately using the aqua pens and or aqua inks and a water brush to blend and move the color around. I then set them aside to dry until all the pages were finished back and front.

I used the aqua watercolor brush on this page and then a water brush. I used the same color on the edge with less water and then added writing with a black PITT pen when the paper was dry.
The Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens live up to their name, they are very intense and fluid. So, I decided to experiment with some of the Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor Inks by placing a small amount of the Sunshine yellow ink on the watercolor paper and then using a brush to water it down and spread it out. On top of the yellow, I added a small amount of the orange ink and used a mini brayer much like you would on a gelli plate. I love the distressed results I got using the brayer to layer the colors. On top of the red circles, I used a white pastel crayon.
These two pages were created using the Graphix Aqua inks on the backgrounds and then the Aqua watercolor pens to layer color, add marks and outline. The writing was also done with the black aqua watercolor pen.
The white circles and doodling were made with a white Posca paint pen over the color when it was dry.

I am a big fan the black aqua watercolor pen, it is very opaque like a marker and yet can be thinned down to a light gray for shading. 

On this page, I added blotches of color from the watercolor pens and then sprayed my page with water and let it run. I used my heat gun lightly to dry the page and then I used the gray watercolor pen to add marks and my flower design.

Here on these two pages, I am just playing with the watercolor pens and applying a water brush to the initial marks, watering down the edges and spreading out the color. 

Both of these pages were made using on the Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens, Posca paint pen, and black PITT Pen when the pages were dry. You can see how nicely the colors blend without showing the original markings.
Here, I used the Graphix Watercolor Inks on the background and a mini brayer, then I layered the Aqua Watercolor Pens on top of it when it was dry and used the watercolor pens to draw the crosses.         
For this one, I used the Aqua Watercolor Pen on the background, thinning it it out with a water brush. Then using the gray watercolor pen, I drew my design and made marks with the black watercolor pen. After that was dry, I dipped a paint dobber into some of the Graphix Watercolor Ink and pounced it on the paper to make the splash marks.

More Graphix Watercolor Inks and playing with the mini brayer for backgrounds. The inks are light fast and a dream to use.

On this page I used the Aqua Watercolor Pens, both ends, the brush and the contour end. The brush was used for the background with a water brush and then the pen was used for the circles.
Here I used the aqua watercolor inks without the water brush. I put some ink on the paper, yellow first, and used a mini brayer and then added the green using the brayer. When that was dry, I used the watercolor pens.

I was very surprised how well the Graphix watercolor inks blended with a brayer. I used a small water mister to blend this background, but it wasn't really necessary, it blends well without using a mister, but misting also defines the amount of color you want.
This is my back cover to the journal. I used the watercolor pens on the background blending with a water brush and once dry I added "Mona", a collage paper found at  If you haven't used watercolor or find it intimidating, I found you really can't go wrong with the Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens and Inks. Marabu Aqua Watercolor Pens and Inks are perfect for the beginner and the seasoned watercolor artist. On Sale now at, you save 50%. 
                               (Now you know why Mona is smiling).

Supplies Used:
White Pastel Crayon

Wednesday, November 7, 2018


If you have been swept away with the Artist Trading Coin craze, then you might love this idea of using artist trading coins to make some awesome bookmarks! Great for any book lover, easy to personalize and very sturdy and durable.

I started with the trading coins from Joggles  Laser cut from Strathmore's 140# cold pressed watercolor paper, and  Watercolor Artist Trading Coins will hold up to most any wet media. The package contains 40 of the 2 1/2" Watercolor Artist Trading Coins. You will need two per bookmark.

I started mine with stamping the front of my coins with the Woodland Fairy stamps by Kristen Petersen. Then I added a variety of stamps on the back side. Once all the coins were stamped back and front, I colored them with the Graphix Aqua Watercolor pens by Marabu. I am totally in love with these watercolor pens/brushes. They are a dual pen with a brush on one end and a contour pen on the other for more detail. They show off with intense color and it doesn't take much to spread with a watercolor brush.

Once all my coins were completed. I found I already had in my sewing supplies some 2 inch wide gro-grain ribbon. You can find these spools in all colors at Hobby Lobby and they are really cheap with the 40% discount.
I cut two ribbons the same length and frayed the ends. Next I put the ribbons back to back and sandwiched them between two of the trading coins. Next I just sewed around the entire circle, trimmed my thread and that's how easy it was to make these bookmarks. If you use the ribbon right from the spool, you won't have a problem with wrinkles. My ribbon was left over scraps and not on a spool, but the wrinkles with this ribbon are easy to press out when done.
 I was very impressed how easy it was to sew through the double thickness of the watercolor paper and how sturdy the bookmarks are. I especially love the pop of colors that the Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens delivered and I will be making more of these for the book lovers in my family!

 Supplies Used
Watercolor trading coins
Marabu Graphix Aqua Watercolor Pens-Set of 24 -50% OFF
Your Favorite Stamps
2" Gro-Grain Ribbon
Sewing machine

Happy Creating!