Saturday, January 6, 2018


                    There's Something About The Circus

There is just something about the Circus. I never resist the urge to play with Teesha Moore's collage images. So when  it became my time this month to do a post for Retro Cafe Art Gallery as a member of the Design Team, I found myself looking at one of Retro's awesome Circus Shrine Kits and so it all begins with a Circus!
                               Left Side of Tent
I have to begin by saying that I always find it difficult to keep my mind on track and I am always altering kits and sometimes merging several together. It's so easy to do and fun with all the interactive kits and supplies that Retro Cafe offers, making for endless possibilities.
You don't have too, but I always gesso my pieces first just because it gives a lighter base for your paint and your images adhere well. 

The first thing I did was to glue the box together first, paint it and give it a vintage look by wiping on some Golden Van Dyke Brown Hue and lightly wiping it off. Next I added my inside images and circus floor image distressing them with Tim Holtz's Distress Ink Pads. 
 I continued on the sides and back of the box doing the same, painting and adding images.
                                 Right side of tent

                                           Back of tent
Once the sides and back were completed and dry, I painted the circus tent and glued it to the front of the box. While the tent was drying, I started on the articulated doll that comes with the Circus Shrine Kit. This doll's body is glued in a slot in the top of the box behind the tent. ( I made an error here and forgot to keep my slot free and clear of paint and gesso which dried and prevented me from inserting the doll into the  slot. Easy fix, I cut off the expended piece and glued the front of the dolls body to the back of the tent). 

Designing the doll is one of my favorite parts. Retro Cafe has a large variety of faces available as well as some Circus Collage images. The personality of my doll always starts with the face. The face I used was a Marie Antoinette paper cut. I painted the dolls body first back and front and then attached her arms by using the brads included. Then I glued on her face and made her a hat fit for a Mermaid Circus. After adding her head and hat, It seemed something  was still needed. And there it was, she didn't have a Mermaid body!  I scoured through my Teesha images and found one that would fit and of course you can easily make your own.
I glued the image to one of the packing pieces that you get when you order the paper cuts, cut out the tail and glued it to the back.

Speaking of the back side, you don't have to complete the back, I just choose too because I love the whole assemblage thing and I love adding paint and images where ever space allows me. To the back of the tail, I painted it black and added the words:
"And just when she thought her luck had run out, the Mermaid Circus came to town".

The front was now dry and I added one of Retro's vintage labels and wrote the words: "Mermaid Circus" and glued it on the front of the tent.

Just when I thought  I was finished, it occurred to me that somewhere in my "stuff", I had a mini articulated Mermaid Doll from Retro Cafe that would be perfect to add to the front.. and so she was.
To finish her off and make her sparkle, I added some random dots of Diamond Stickles to her body.

I do hope you enjoyed the Circus. 

"Those are the Best Days".



Acrylic Paint
Images of your choice

P.S. When you create your own Circus, I would love to have a ticket!


  1. Sherry Westfall MatthewsJanuary 7, 2018 at 6:05 PM

    Step right up,folks, come and see the newest piece by the Marvel of the Art World! Kim, this is SPECTACULAR!

  2. What a fun, bold, fantastically whimsical piece, Kim! You always manage to bring the most wondrous creations to life so vividly. xoxo

  3. This is so fun Kim!! I lol when I saw Cyclops Mermaid! heehee
    Great idea to combine the circus with mermaids and I agree, Teesha's collage pieces are wonderful and go especially well with RAC pieces!
    Jackie xx

  4. I would love to be a part of your circus any day! Just fabulous!!!

  5. any of your works for sale?

    1. Hi Kim!
      Thank you! I do have an Etsy shop where I sell my work and also on FB. My shop is:
      There is also a link on my side bar you can click on.
      I am always adding new items so took a look if you like and add me to your favorites so you will be notified and when a new item has been added to my shop.


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