Friday, February 2, 2018


You don't have to drink Tea to love Tea bags! I do love an occasional organic cup of herbal tea and more so,I especially love the time set aside to enjoy that tea in quiet moments that are normally far and few between. With the on going tea bag art craze, I save all my bags, but when your coffee clearly out numbers your tea, then I call upon my tea drinking friends to save me theirs. It is really amazing how resilient tea bags are and how lovingly they take almost any medium. As much as I love painting them, I decided to reach outside the box and replace the contents with some soul calming organic flowers and herbs. 

They make the perfect vessel for sachets bags which I refer to now as "Aroma-Tea", simply life after Tea.. that also comes with a special bonus..

 Not only is it fun to create on the tea bag, it is also super calming to the senses, smelling all those lovely herbs and aroma's.

 I really love to give these back to my friends who so generously spent time with me sharing moments, drinking the tea, supporting and encouraging me along my journeys. Aroma Tea bags are also just nice reminders for stop, slow down and breathe, and be extra kind to yourself . . ...everyday.