Friday, May 25, 2018

Privacy Policy Changes

Hi Friends!
I truly love and appreciate being part of this bloggers community experience and cherish all the friendships made here. As part of the new privacy policies; we as bloggers must let our email subscribers and followers know that we are compliant and up to date with changes.

If you receive updates from me, it is up to you to Unsubscribe or Remain Subscribed.

If  you still wish to remain subscribed and I hope you do,  there is nothing you have to do and I assume I have your permission to continue sending you updates.

Here is more of the new policy and you can read it here!

(Click on the yellow tab at the top of my page - Privacy Policy/GDPR Compliant)

 Thank you for your support and friendship in this amazing art community. Like the photo says, "You are of  infinite worth."

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