Thursday, June 21, 2018


Summer where I live has made her entrance with the normal hot and humid days for Central Arkansas this time of year. I've had the good fortune of starting off my Summer with being published in two of my favorite Magazines by Stampington and Company. I love the variety of days that Summer brings, random rain and thunder storms, (good for art days), picnics, park days, pool days, shopping sale days, 4th of July cook outs, gardening days, vacation days and just days to re-organize, maybe re-paint, alter some furniture and some days to just relax and do nothing but enjoy a day of gratitude for simply being here surrounded by so many blessings!

 I created these little sachets from Tea Bags using bits of paper, scraps, rubber stamps, ribbons, images, fabric, flowers, whatever I had in my stash. Each of them are filled with dried flowers and herbs for some sweet smelling goodness and then sewed across the top to close.
They make wonderful additions to any room, closets, drawers, and really nice to insert in gift bags for special occasions and cards to friends who might need a little lifting up!

 This little Journal was also handmade using dried tea bags for the book and pages. The technique and how to make one of your own  as well as the tea bag sachets can be found in the newest issue of Somerset Studio July/August 2018 publication.

                                                                       July/ August 2018
       My page on lettering in the new issue of Art Journaling

Many Thanks to Christen Hammons, editor of Somerset Studio and her amazing staff for my two articles in the new issue of SOMERSET STUDIO July/August and also the honor of being this issue's Cover Girl which was a big surprise! I also had the honor of one of my journal pages being published in the "Written Word" section of the new issue of ART JOURNALING Magazine. Both issues are always packed with amazing works by some very creative and talented artists!
Be sure to pick up one or both of these issues for some great reading (nice summer hammock or poolside days) and creative inspiration for a Summer Art Days of your own!
Happy Summer and Happy Creating and stay cool!


  1. Beautiful! I love art with tea bags. Congrats on being published.

    1. Thank you so much Kate! I appreciate your your kind comment!

  2. OHH Kim!!! Huge congratulations to you!! i just love your art, in case I have never told you-lol!
    The teabags you have used in these fabulous ways, well, this just blows my mind- how perfect! And I truly love my pieces of artwork you sent me!
    Your art truly deserves to be published in Stampington- in all their publications!
    Again congratulations my friend!
    and I have to go and get my copies! xoxo

    1. Jackie, you are too sweet. Thank you so much, your comment went straight to my heart!

  3. Hey Kim, huge congrats! Your sachets are so gorgeous I'd have to put them on my inspiration board! :)


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