Monday, July 23, 2018


I've been so busy lately, I am just getting around to posting some of the things I have been working on.

I acquired this handmade, rather long.. bread bowl years ago and never really used it. After seeing some of Maria Pace Wynter's Koi fish, I knew exactly what I was going to do with. Now, it makes a faux lovely Koi Pond and fabulous table center piece. 

The other project I finished was a Cage Doll using the Mini Santos in the Relics and Artifacts Collection from Sandra Evertson. I attached her to a wire bell cage and used apoxie sculpt to put her body and wings together and make her as one with the wire Cage. She is rather an artsy Cage Doll but I really like how she turned out. Her crown is a Mexican Centavos and the base of her cage is one of the vintage clock faces from some of the vintage clocks that I took apart to use for other projects.

I am honored to say she is already sold. I do have my latest shrine just listed today in my Etsy shop. So, I hope Summer is being good to you and you are finding some time to create and enjoy some things that you love!

Stay cool and Happy Creating.


You may have seen my earlier post where I used some Vintage clock bases to make "Fortune Tellers". Today I am posting the last of my vintage clock cases. This one has been repurposed into a Healing Shrine. If you are lucky enough to find some of the very old ornate ones, they make the perfect foundation for any type of shrine. I think it may be time for me to go treasure hunting again! 

 The quote inside reads: "Gracious words are like Honeycomb, sweet to the Soul and healing to the Bones."

 Lotsa layers of paint, sanding and scraping.........
 Religious images all from Retro Cafe Art Galley
 So many reasons not to throw away your lovely scraps of paper

Happy Creating!

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Things are moving fast over there! I am so sad that I missed out on the face stamps that are now SOLD OUT, but I was really happy to get some ART POP Stickers! This is what I did with some of mine. I had three mini wee journals 2" in size and the Art Pop stickers were perfect for the covers. I added  bits of paint and other details. The butterfly and pops of material came from Gwen LaFleur's shop. You will also go crazy in there as well. It was a fun day playing with these gals in the studio! You better POP over to Paperbags Studio soon before everything is sold out... and check out Gwen LaFleur's shop too!

Happy Creating!